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Man Who Claims He’s Charles & Camila’s Lovechild Says ‘It’s A Kick In The Face’ To See William Named Prince Of Wales


Man Who Claims He’s Charles & Camila’s Lovechild Says ‘It’s A Kick In The Face’ To See William Named Prince Of Wales

The Aussie is insistent that royals should submit to DNA testing.

Queensland-based engineer Simon Charles Dorante-Day has continually insisted he’s the lovechild of King Charles III and Camila, the Queen consort. The Aussie, adopted at eight months, has since maintained that his adoptive grandma told him on her deathbed he was the secret son of the monarch.

The 56-Year-Old had expressed his desire for the royals to submit to a DNA test to prove his genetic heritage. 

Charles And Camila Lovechild 3
Simon Charles Dorante-Day/Facebook

Simon has even sought legal advice after a letter penned to the Queen speaking to his plight wasn’t dignified with a reply. The British, born on April 5, 1966, had shared his adoptive grandparents worked for the Queen and Prince Philip in one of their royals’ households. 

Charles And Camila Lovechild 5
Simon Charles Dorante-Day/Facebook

He also alleged King Charles and Camila began their relationship in 1965, a year before his birth certificate said he was born.

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With Charles now KING, the Aussie seems to expect more from him, especially as he slammed the choice to name William the new Prince of Wales. “It’s hard not to take Charles naming William as the Prince of Wales as anything other than a kick in the face. I don’t want to feel that way, but I do,” he told News7

Simon added: “He gives William a title like that, well where’s my answer? Where’s my DNA test? If you are not my father, then prove you’re not.”

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Simon Charles Dorante-Day/Facebook

The Aussie then insisted the least King Charles could do was give him an answer, reaffirming his commitment to pursuing legal action to force the monarch into a paternity test. He revealed: “There has been a discussion in there between a judge and myself and his barrister about the legal standing of Charles and whether the monarch is protected by the law or is above the law. And the answer to that was NO.”

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“They told me we don’t see any reason why he is. And secondly, Camila and her family are certainly not above the law. So that argument’s already been had and settled.” 

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Simon Charles Dorante-Day/Facebook

As per DailyMail, Simon shared a tribute to his supposed grandma in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s death last week. The Aussie had written: “Like everyone on the planet, it would be hard not to be affected and saddened by her passing. Since finding out about the loss of my grandmother, aka Lilibet, I’ve been inundated with messages of condolence for the loss. Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts, and concern.”

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Simon Charles Dorante-Day/Facebook

Simon admitted the monarch’s death marked his loss, pleasantly being able to get to the root of his biological heritage.

Charles And Camila Lovechild 2
Simon Charles Dorante-Day/Facebook

“As many of you have expressed, my family and I are mourning not just the loss of Her Majesty but the loss of another opportunity to resolve this issue pleasantly, the right way. So despite the lost opportunity of getting to personally hear her version of events and the great sadness we all feel at her passing, on a personal and public scale, it will be business as usual.”

The father-of-nine said he feels the Queen is free to do what she wishes in the afterlife without judgment. 

Charles And Camila Lovechild 9
Man Who Claims He's Charles & Camila's Lovechild Says 'It's A Kick In The Face' To See William Named Prince Of Wales 19

He continued that she has now been reunited with her greatest love and closet friend, the late Duke of Edinburgh, adding that he does not think she would want anyone to feel sad for her but instead, she would want “we all celebrate and remember her for what she stood for and the changes that she was able to make during her reign. The Aussie said himself, his wife Elvianna, and his children would be partaking in sacred Aboriginal cultural practices as they mourn. 

“Rest in peace Aka, you are in God’s hands now, I know in me I will always carry a piece of you,” the Aussie stated.  

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