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Major Leaks Of Huawei Mate 30 Pro Still Leaves Questions For Potential Buyers


Major Leaks Of Huawei Mate 30 Pro Still Leaves Questions For Potential Buyers

Soon to be here.

The unveiling of the newest flagship by Huawei, the Mate 30 series will be done in Munich on September 18. Very far away from the controversial camera design for triple-camera of iPhone 11, leaks by Evan Blass reveals some satisfying design by the Mate 30 series.

The camera placement is placed in the middle of the phone’s rear inside a solid black circle. Exercising quad-camera, the solid design is pretty neat and does not protrude at all like most cameras these days do. This makes holding and place your smartphone raw without a protective casing feels less wobbly.

We’re also seeing a bigger notch which may suggest for a secondary front camera for better face recognition. Advancing further from edge screen is the waterfall design that witnesses the display falling over to the sides. At the same time, it eliminates physical buttons, burying them under the display.

While we have the display and design described well in these leaks, they don’t really describe what are the specs of this smartphone. Huawei and Google have experienced a fallout and recently, Google has confirmed that they won’t be supporting the Mate 30 range with their stock apps such as Maps and Gmail.

Huawei has been trying to look confident and has even been teasing about their home-grown HarmonyOS. But realistically speaking, that OS won’t be able to be ready and keep up with the dynamically changing Android system.

But Huawei can still find a workaround by using the Open Source and allowing users to download the apps through a mean for Maps, Gmail, etc. That’s why it’s highly probable that the announcement of Huawei that will happen in a short time won’t be following closely by the release.

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