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Woman Get Paid To Teach Others How To Manipulate Men And Get What They Want


Woman Get Paid To Teach Others How To Manipulate Men And Get What They Want

The Aussie life coach also taught how to amplify femininity and stop nagging.

To enjoy a lavish lifestyle, life coach Margarita Nazarenko has highlighted ways for women to strategically get what they want from their male partners. The Aussie used three different animals to unpack female archetypes – the workhorse, the divine deer, and the dairy cow- while advising that women use their tenacity to get further in life. 

The Sydney-based insisted that women need to amplify their femininity if they want men to do more for them. 

“Don’t battle them to do what you want, it won’t work. Men crave femininity and get huge fulfillment from serving feminine energy. Praise a man’s top qualities because they will amplify. Don’t complain about things he can’t change because this will decrease his desire to change for the better,” Margarita explained. 

The 34-Year-Old pointed out that the divine deer is the epitome of feminine energy women should aspire to be. 

“The dairy cow is the overworked maternal model of womanhood, and the work horse is a career-driven woman with masculine energy who doesn’t want help from her partner.” The life coach stressed that manipulation means influence skillfully. She claimed she manipulated her husband, Simon, into a dream stateside trip under the guise of going to an RV convention in Las Vegas.

She continued: “If you support your man, they can do incredible things.”

Margarita alleged that her 42-Year-Old Surgeon husband wanted to purchase an RV, and she acted interested in his dream, which led to both of them attending an RV convention. She stated: “We ended up going on an amazing holiday and stayed in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco and he didn’t buy an RV.” 

Stupid ideas of most men, according to the life coach, have a life span of five days. 

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She said: “Women should support their man in whatever he wants to do. If he says, ‘I want to build a hamster farm in Wyoming,’ you should support his decision and it could become something amazing for you. You shouldn’t respond with: ‘Oh my god you idiot, what hamster farm? Rather: Hamsters, how interesting. I like hamsters – so when we visit the hamster farm, where are we going to live?” 

The life coach claimed that once the woman asks what’s the dream location for the hamster, the man’s brain will start working to see how he can achieve the idea, and soon it would be forgotten about in exchange for a holiday home.

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“They will go away and reflect and you can use this to your advantage and drive their dream towards what you want, for example, a holiday home in a tropical country.” Of the overworked dairy cow kind of women, Margarita said women must learn to set boundaries in motherhood and share duties with her patterns instead of trying to do everything all alone. 

She insisted that women should be more of the divine deer who connect with their feminine energy and flee if something isn’t right. 


How to manipulate men into doing what you want

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“The workhouse is a dominant masculine role. I was in the horse archetype my whole life. I wanted to pay for bills, and I was chasing men who didn’t want to be with me.” However, the top tips for manipulating men include ‘ask the right questions for him to change the idea into something that suits you more,’ ‘praise his top qualities because they will amplify’ and ‘don’t complain about things he can’t change because this will decrease his desire to change for the better.

Other tips are: “When he has a crazy idea or career aspiration, it triggers women not to feel safe, so they tend to shut it down. Instead, encourage them and say great plan.

Another is, “When dating don’t complain about how all your exes hurt and left you. He may sympathize but it will subconsciously make him understand that you for a reason unknown to him are willing to put up with that treatment. Leave that conversation to a committed relationship. Lastly ‘not everyone deserves to know your inner most thoughts’ and ‘when asking for a favor, for example to do the house chores or buy milk, ask without explaining why and walk away.” 

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