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L.A. Guns’ Steve Riley Dies At 67


L.A. Guns’ Steve Riley Dies At 67

Steve Riley had been battling a severe case of pneumonia.

The rock music industry mourns the loss of Steve Riley, the longtime drummer of L.A. Guns, who passed away at the age of 67. Riley was a celebrated figure in the world of hard rock and metal, having played a significant role in shaping the iconic sound of the 1980s Los Angeles rock scene. His contributions to L.A. Guns and his talent behind the drum set will forever be remembered and cherished. Steve Riley’s cause of death has officially been disclosed at this time. But then, his passing has left a void in the hearts of his fans and colleagues alike.

As news of Steve Riley’s death spread, tributes poured in from musicians and fans around the globe, honoring his musical legacy.

L.A. Guns' Steve Riley Dies At 67

Riley’s influence on the rock music scene cannot be overstated. As the drummer for L.A. Guns, he played an integral part in the band’s success and dominance during the heyday of the Los Angeles rock scene. His powerful and precise drumming style provided the backbone for hits like “The Ballad of Jayne” and “Never Enough.” Beyond his work with L.A. Guns, Riley’s musical journey extended to his time as the drummer for W.A.S.P., another influential band in the metal genre.

L.A. Guns' Steve Riley Dies At 67

In recent years, L.A. Guns has experienced lineup changes and tensions among its members. Riley’s fractured relationship with guitarist Tracii Guns led to his departure from the band. However, he continued to pursue his passion for music by fronting his own version of L.A. Guns. Despite the challenges, Riley remained optimistic about the future. Reportedly, he had plans to embark on a tour and potentially release a new album next year. His commitment to his craft and his unwavering passion for drumming serve as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and fellow drummers.

L.A. Guns' Steve Riley Dies At 67

Throughout his career, Riley maintained a remarkable work ethic and emphasized the importance of staying in shape both physically and mentally. His advice to fellow drummers on maintaining a positive attitude and taking care of their health serves as a testament to his dedication and commitment to his art. Steve Riley’s legacy as a rock drummer and his contributions to the music industry will continue to resonate with fans for years to come. He will be remembered not only for his incredible talent but also for his infectious energy and enduring spirit.


When was L.A. Guns founded?
L.A. Guns was founded in 1983 in Los Angeles, California.

Who was Steve Riley?
Born in 1956, Riley joined L.A. Guns in 1987 and played with them until 1992. After a brief hiatus, he rejoined the band in 1995.

What was Steve Riley’s cause of death?

The cause of Steve Riley’s death has not been officially disclosed at this time.

Who were the members of L.A. Guns?

L.A. Guns was comprised of co-founding members Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns, along with various other musicians throughout their careers.

Did Steve Riley have any conflicts with his bandmates?

Yes, Steve Riley had a fractured relationship with guitarist Tracii Guns, which led to his departure from the band.

What were Steve Riley’s plans for the future?

Steve Riley had plans to embark on a tour and potentially release a new album next year.

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