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Kim Kardashian, 42, Says She Regrets ‘Fast’ Fling With Pete Davidson


Kim Kardashian, 42, Says She Regrets ‘Fast’ Fling With Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian reflects on affair with Pete Davidson as divorce from Kanye West is finalized.

The relationship was just for only nine months after she filed for divorce from Kanye West, whom she had been married to since May 2014 and shares four children. Kim Kardashian started dating Pete Davidson, 29, in November 2021, after meeting him a month earlier when the SKIMs mogul hosted Saturday Night Live. In this week’s episode of The Kardashians, the beauty reflected on the affair and it’s somewhat a thing of regret. 

While discussing with half-sisters Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, Kim said she had the affair with Pete Davidson to run away from her failed marriage with West.

Kim Kardashian, 42, Says She Regrets ‘Fast’ Fling With Pete Davidson

‘I definitely jumped into another relationship so fast. It got my mind away from like stuff and that’s not a way to like run from things. It’s better to like, deal, heal… that’s a good one,’ Kim Kardashian said. ‘Deal, heal, and then…’ as Kendall finishes, ‘Feel,’ though she revises it – ‘Feel, deal, heal.’ The episode transitioned into Kim’s home, where Kylie examines part of Kim’s huge wardrobe. ‘Is this like new stuff or just your clothes you haven’t worn?’ Kylie asks.

Kim explains, ‘Clothes I haven’t worn. I mean it’s new stuff that I have acquired. Kylie adds, ‘This is fun, you should wear all this stuff, as Kim tells Kylie and Kendall about her storage facility. ‘The storage facility that I have and I just went, I didn’t realize it was like the day our divorce was final, I was cleaning it out. I get so emotional or sentimental, you know, but it’s like, sometimes I’m like, why do I hold on to this?’

Kim Kardashian, 42, Says She Regrets ‘Fast’ Fling With Pete Davidson

Kendall theorizes, ‘Yeah, you’re holding on to the reality that you thought you were gonna live, this whole fantasy you created in your head of like what your marriage was gonna be like, and it completely shifted to something you would’ve never expected, obviously.’ She adds in confession, ‘I don’t know how Kim handles everything with her ex-husband. It’s impressive, it’s amazing. 

Kendall continued, ‘I give her so much props but also, I admire the strength and the cool and calmness that she has with it, because I could just never. I’d be spiraling.’

Kim Kardashian, 42, Says She Regrets ‘Fast’ Fling With Pete Davidson

Kim then tells her sisters, ‘After all the mean things that he’s done, the kids have no clue. They don’t know a thing.’ Kylie explains, ‘I think it’s just who we are and how we were raised as a family. We’re all just really forgiving and loving.’ Kim explains her kids, ‘think their dad is like the best thing and the most amazing thing and he’s so great with them.’

Kim Kardashian, 42, Says She Regrets ‘Fast’ Fling With Pete Davidson

‘Why would I take that away from them because I’m angry?’ Kim asked and added, ‘I mean, granted, I have a lot to be angry at, but like, they don’t now that. I still have a stocking. You know, and North wanted to post like all of our decorations and she posted the stocking and I’m like, Oh my God. People are gonna think I agree with his… some of the things he says.’

Kylie says, ‘Well that’s just silly stuff, a stocking, a gingerbread, and if that makes your kids happy, especially North since she’s the oldest, then like do it. You don’t have to explain yourself. You’re doing it for your kids. Kendall adds, ‘I think people on the Internet too also forget that we’re all like humans, just trying to figure everything out. We’re all just having a human experience.’

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The model continued, ‘the most important thing in this situation is like safety and protection for you and your kids, and I don’t necessarily mean that physically, I mean that like emotionally and mentally and just like, I don’t know, always doing the right thing by you and having that self-respect for you.’ Kylie added, ‘And I don’t think you should change because he’s different, you know. I think you should just continue to be you and project positivity.’

Kim explains in confession‘I don’t want to look at it negatively. I’m not going to take every experience and bad thing that happened to me and carry that into my life. What am I supposed to be learning from this? How is this gonna make me a better person?’ Kylie explains in confession, ‘Kim is just my girl. We’ve realized that we’re actually twins, because we’ve lived the same life.

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Kylie stated further, ‘It’s very hard to explain because I can’t tell you guys everything, but, I don’t know, we woke up one day and we were like, “Wow, we’re the same person. We should just be best friends. F**k these other sisters.’ Concluding Kim repeats, ‘Feel, deal, heal,’ as Kylie suggests, ‘We should all get matching tats’ with their new mantra.’

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