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Kevin Costner Is Now ‘Homeless’ As Estranged Wife Won’t Move Out & Has Restraining Order On Him, Court Docs Say


Kevin Costner Is Now ‘Homeless’ As Estranged Wife Won’t Move Out & Has Restraining Order On Him, Court Docs Say

Christine has failed to reach an agreement with lawyers, leaving Kevin Costner homeless.

In court papers, the actor’s lawyers claim they’ve made several offers to get Christine Baumgartner out of their former marital home but have failed to reach a consensus with the model-turned-handbag designer, leaving Kevin Costner homeless. Also, the 49-year-old, as per MailOnline, has splurged $95,000 on the actor’s credit card and has a restraining order against him. 

Kevin Costner is worth $250 million and under prenuptial terms, signed in 2004, Christine was to leave his properties if they split and relocate, using a $1.2 million fund to find a new home. 

But the actor alleges his former spouse is in breach of the agreement, saying he wishes to move back into the huge house which they shared. The lawyers told MailOnline, ‘What is happening now is exactly what he and Christine contracted to avoid in the event their marriage failed. Christine has accepted the benefits of the PMA (pre-marital agreement) over the years, but now refuses to accept this one burden.’

The couple appears to be battling over the huge $145 million house in Carpinteria, California. It’s owned solely by Kevin Costner and he purchased it in 1998, before their wedding in 2004. 

Kevin Costner Is Now ‘Homeless’ As Estranged Wife Won’t Move Out & Has Restraining Order On Him, Court Docs Say

The actor, currently filming in Utah, is complaining he needs a home as he will be off-location very shortly. The 68-year-old allegedly remarks, ‘This is surprising and disheartening to me. I was married once before and, upon separation, found myself without a home base and unable to live in my own home. I never wanted this to happen again.’ He explained he funded Christine’s two failed businesses both before and during the marriage and says she was happy to benefit from the prenup but is now ditching it. 

Costner alleged that following the split, Christine charged $95K to his credit card without prior notice. Reportedly, the money was spent on lawyers and on a forensic accountant. 

Kevin Costner homeless

The actor further claimed that Christine wants the world to see the financial details of the prenup which they signed, but insisted it would put him at risk of irreparable harm from fraudsters or burglars and be likely to attract embarrassing global media attention. On May 1, the model filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences but gave the date of separation as April 11. In his response, Costner marked the date of separation as TBD or to be determined. 

On June 8, Christine filed a restraining order against Costner which forbids him from taking their children, Caydes, 15, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 12, out of the state and transferring or selling any property. 

Kevin Costner Is Now ‘Homeless’ As Estranged Wife Won’t Move Out & Has Restraining Order On Him, Court Docs Say

However, Costner’s lawyers complain the model’s action in staying at the house is holding the actor to ransom while they negotiate. They say, ‘Christine has taken the position that she will not move out of Kevin’s separate property residence unless and until Kevin agrees to various financial demands. Christine’s agreement to move out was and is unconditional. Indeed, independent of the PMA [pre-marital agreement] she has no right to occupy Kevin’s separate property residence.’

They added, ‘Nevertheless, Kevin has offered to assist her financially in moving out, he has already made a contribution to her attorney’s and accountant’s fees, he has already paid her the $1,000,000 due her under the terms of the PMA upon the filing of the Petition as part of the bargained for waiver of spousal support (in addition to a total of $200,000 he paid to her in the early years of the marriage pursuant to the PMA), he has already made a comprehensive temporary child support and fee proposal.’

‘He has agreed to and has maintained the financial status quo since the Petition was filed, continuing to pay all of the parties children’s expenses, and he is negotiating a summer visitation schedule for the parties’ three teenage children. Kevin has acted in good faith and had done everything in his power to make the transition as seamless as possible. But Christine continues to refuse to vacate his separate property residence, as she agreed she would do in 2004 as a condition of marriage.’

In his declaration filed as part of the injunction Costner himself explained he has discussed the prenup agreement with his estranged wife and reminded her that she has to leave – both personally and via his lawyer Laura Wasser. His statement shelled out some of the details of their prenup, which saw Christine get $100,000 on their wedding day and a further $100,000 on their first wedding anniversary. The model was also given $1 million after filing for divorce, as stipulated in the prenup, to find a home.

Under the terms of the prenup Costner had agreed to hand over a $200,000 as a ‘cash deposit’ for a new home, and he agreed to pay her mortgage and insurance costs for her first year in a new place.

Costner anticipates their children will split their time 50/50 between himself and Christine, stating, ‘I believe Christine and I are in agreement that our three teenagers’ time will be shared equally between my residence and Christine’s,’ he states. I do not anticipate any material disputes between Christine and me regarding the custody of our children. We have both requested joint legal and joint physical custody. Because the children will be spending at least half of their time at my home, they will not be disrupted by Christine’s imminent move.’

‘Christine and I have been working on a summer schedule to ensure that the children have smooth transition between our two homes. Even when I am working, I arrange to see the children frequently. I was in California for our son’s birthday in early May and the children visited me May 21-24 in Utah where I was filming. This month I will return to California to my Separate Property Residence and plan on staying here at least through the end of this year (except perhaps for any vacations).’

Kevin Costner Is Now ‘Homeless’ As Estranged Wife Won’t Move Out & Has Restraining Order On Him, Court Docs Say

He concluded, ‘I am a very hands-on father. I drive our children to school, attend their events, and am involved in their daily lives. I agree that, when I am on location filming, the children will spend more time with their mother. However, I do not anticipate that I will be on location for at least the rest of 2023.’ The statement also clarifies the actor’s position on Yellowstone. Costner had been in negotiations to return to film some episodes for the final series but is no longer planning to do so.

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