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Everything About Jordanna Barrett, The Stunning Wife Of Shaquil Barrett


Everything About Jordanna Barrett, The Stunning Wife Of Shaquil Barrett

Jordanna Barrett is the wife of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 2-time Pro Bowl linebacker Shaquil Barrett.

Jordanna Barrett is more than just the wife of NFL star Shaquil Barrett. She is a dedicated social worker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. While not as well-known as her husband, Jordanna has played a crucial role in supporting Shaquil throughout his career, both on and off the field. In this article, we will delve into Jordanna Barrett’s life, exploring her background, personal achievements, and the tragic losses she has endured.


Full NameJordanna Barrett
BirthdayNovember 24th, 1992
BirthplaceThe United States of America
Net Worth$1.5 million
HusbandShaquil Barrett
KidsAaliyah Barrett; Braylon Barrett; Shaquil (Quil) Barrett Jr.; Arrayah Barrett
JobSocial Woker, Entrepreneur
ParentsJeff Busch (Dad); Angie Busch (Mom)

Early Life and Education

Everything About Jordanna Barrett, The Stunning Wife Of Shaquil Barrett

Jordanna Barrett was born on November 24, 1992, in the United States. Growing up, she had a supportive family, with her father, Jeff Busch, and her mother, Angie Busch, always by her side. Although information about her siblings is limited, she has mentioned her brother, Jayce Busch, in interviews and social media posts. While details about her specific field of study are not readily available, her dedication to education is evident in her achievements.

Meeting Shaquil Barrett and Love Story

Jordanna Barrett and Shaquil Barrett’s love story began during their high school years. They were introduced to each other and quickly formed a deep bond. As their friendship grew stronger, their connection blossomed into a romantic relationship. The young couple spent their high school days supporting and encouraging each other through the ups and downs of life. After dating for a significant period, Shaquil Barrett proposed to Jordanna. They decided to take their relationship to the next level and tied the knot in a private ceremony on February 2, 2012.

The Barrett Family

Everything About Jordanna Barrett, The Stunning Wife Of Shaquil Barrett

Jordanna and Shaquil Barrett have been blessed with four beautiful children: Aaliyah, Braylon, Shaquil Jr., and Arrayah Barrett. Their first child, Shaquil Jr., was born just 18 days after their marriage, on February 20, 2012. The couple welcomed their second child, Braylon, on May 29, 2013. Their first daughter, Aaliyah Barrett, was born on March 31, 2015.

The Tragic Loss of Arrayah

Jordanna and Shaquil Barrett recently experienced a devastating loss. Their two-year-old daughter, Arrayah, tragically drowned in a swimming pool at their home on April 30, 2023. The incident was a heartbreaking tragedy that left the family and their community in shock. The NFL community and fans rallied around the Barrett family, offering their condolences and support during the difficult time.

Jordanna’s Physical Appearance and Interests

Jordanna Barrett is not just a dedicated wife and philanthropist but also a woman with her own interests and passions. She stands at 1.75 meters (5 ft 8 in) tall and weighs 68 kg. Jordanna has a keen interest in fashion and luxury, which she often shares on her Instagram account. Family is incredibly important to her, and she cherishes the time spent with her loved ones.

Jordanna Barrett’s Career and Philanthropy

Jordanna Barrett is not only a loving wife and mother but also a dedicated social worker and entrepreneur. She has made a name for herself as a social media influencer, with a growing following on Instagram. Through her platform, she shares glimpses of her personal life and promotes various causes close to her heart. One of the most significant contributions Jordanna has made is the establishment of the “Fifty50 Foundation.” Alongside her husband, Shaquil, she co-founded this non-profit organization with the purpose of supporting children in the foster care system.

The foundation aims to provide these children with a sense of acceptance, love, and support, helping them navigate the challenges they face. Jordanna works tirelessly to fulfill the needs of the children supported by the Fifty50 Foundation. Her dedication to social work and philanthropy demonstrates her compassion and desire to make a positive impact on the world. Through her organization, she strives to create a brighter future for vulnerable children, empowering them to overcome obstacles and thrive.

Jordanna Barrett’s Net Worth

Everything About Jordanna Barrett, The Stunning Wife Of Shaquil Barrett

While specific details about Jordanna Barrett’s net worth are not publicly disclosed, it is estimated to be around $1.5 million. As an influencer and entrepreneur, she has established a presence on social media, which has contributed to her financial success. However, it is important to note that her primary focus is on her family and philanthropic endeavors, rather than personal wealth. In contrast, Shaquil Barrett, as a successful NFL player, has achieved significant financial success throughout his career. His estimated net worth is approximately $30 million as of 2023. This wealth is the result of his talent, hard work, and dedication to his craft.

Social Media Presence

Jordanna Barrett’s Instagram: @jordanna.barrett

Jordanna Barrett is active on Instagram under the handle @jordanna.barrett. Her Instagram account serves as a platform for sharing updates about her personal life, promoting charitable causes, and connecting with her followers.

Interesting Facts about Jordanna Barrett

  • Jordanna Barrett was born and raised in the United States.
  • She has a strong educational background and values the importance of learning.
  • Jordanna is a dedicated social worker and entrepreneur.
  • She co-founded the Fifty50 Foundation with her husband, Shaquil Barrett.
  • Arrayah Barrett, their youngest daughter, tragically passed away in a drowning accident.
  • Jordanna is passionate about fashion and luxury.
  • She has a keen interest in promoting social causes and making a positive impact.
  • Family is of utmost importance to Jordanna, and she cherishes her role as a wife and mother.
  • She is an active presence on social media, connecting with her followers and sharing her journey.
  • Jordanna Barrett’s primary focus is on her family and philanthropy, rather than personal wealth.


Jordanna Barrett is a remarkable woman who has played a significant role in supporting her husband, Shaquil Barrett, both personally and professionally. Her dedication to social work, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy is inspiring. Despite the tragic loss of their daughter, Arrayah, Jordanna continues to embody strength, resilience, and compassion. Through her work with the Fifty50 Foundation and her presence on social media, she strives to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

FAQs on Jordanna

1. Who is Jordanna Barrett, and what is her background?

Jordanna Barrett is the wife of NFL star Shaquil Barrett. She was born in the United States and had a loving family growing up, including her father Jeff Busch, and mother, Angie Busch.

2. How did Jordanna Barrett and Shaquil Barrett meet?

Jordanna and Shaquil’s love story began in high school, where they formed a deep bond and eventually started dating. They got married in a private ceremony in 2012.

3. How many children do Jordanna and Shaquil Barrett have?

Jordanna and Shaquil have four children: Shaquil Jr., Braylon, Aaliyah, and they tragically lost their youngest daughter, Arrayah, in a swimming pool accident in 2023.

4. What is Jordanna Barrett’s career and involvement in philanthropy?

Jordanna Barrett is a social worker, entrepreneur, and influencer. She co-founded the “Fifty50 Foundation,” a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children in the foster care system.

5. What is the purpose of the Fifty50 Foundation?

The Fifty50 Foundation aims to provide acceptance, love, and support to children in the foster care system, helping them overcome challenges and thrive.

6. What is Jordanna Barrett’s estimated net worth?

Jordanna Barrett’s estimated net worth is around $1.5 million. Her primary focus is on her family and philanthropic work rather than personal wealth.

7. What is Shaquil Barrett’s estimated net worth?

Shaquil Barrett, as an NFL player, has an estimated net worth of approximately $30 million as of 2023.

8. How can I support the Fifty50 Foundation or learn more about their work?

To support the Fifty50 Foundation or learn more about their initiatives, you can visit their official website or follow Jordanna Barrett on Instagram for updates and information about their activities.

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