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Jaxon Buell, The Boy Born With Half His Brain Missing Dies At Age 5


Jaxon Buell, The Boy Born With Half His Brain Missing Dies At Age 5

Hearts go out to the Buell family for this tragic loss!

Getting pregnant can be frightening in a woman’s life and while it’s often displayed as a joyous event, there’s always a chance that an appointment can result in bad news.

For Brittany and Brandon Buell, they realized their son, Jaxon Buell wouldn’t be living a full life after he was given birth to. When it was deduced that Jaxon had brain and skull malformation, his parents didn’t expect him to even make it one more day.

Accepting this, Brandon and Brittany chose to have Jaxon and in January 2014, Jaxon was born to the world. On arriving, he had only part of his skull while his brain was equally one-fifth size of a standard baby.

‘We weren’t planning to play God. We always give him a chance to fight.’ Brandon had earlier said.

Eventually, Jaxon was diagnosed with mircohydrancephaly and it’s a rare illness that affects the brain, resulting in profound developmental delay. Jaxon’s parents, however, knew that his time is short-living, but still got more time with their son than expected.

Brandon and Brittany have clarified that Jaxon’s death isn’t associated with the ongoing pandemic happening globally. They knew he wouldn’t be staying in the world for long but couldn’t speculate when would give up the fight.

‘Jaxon died peacefully and comfortable in my arms. He was with his parents, his family and enjoyed so much love in the final moments of his life with us. It was something we always knew would likely happen from the beginning, we just didn’t know when.’ Jaxon’s father explained.

Nevertheless, Jaxon’s 5years of survival shock his doctor, who reportedly had felt as if the boy wouldn’t make it to his 1st birthday. Likewise, Jaxon’s miraculous survival after his first birthday gave birth to a foundation that helps in raising awareness for neurological research and money.

On the other hand, it’s sad that Jaxon has passed away, but it appeared like he had the best life ever. Rest on Jaxon!

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