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Italy’s Most Handsome Man Quits Modeling For Priesthood


Italy’s Most Handsome Man Quits Modeling For Priesthood

Edoardo Santini won Il Bello d’Italia in 2019, named Italy’s most handsome man.

Edoardo Santini, once dubbed Italy’s most handsome man, has decided to leave his successful modeling career behind and embark on a journey toward the priesthood. At the age of 21, Edoardo, who won the title at the tender age of 17, shocked his fans when he announced on social media that he would be renouncing his glamorous lifestyle in favor of dedicating his life to faith. Having spent his youth immersed in the world of drama and dance, Edoardo had always aspired to become a star.

However, a recent revelation has led Edoardo Santini, Italy’s Most Handsome Man, to make a drastic career change, as he now believes his true purpose is serving God.

Italy's Most Handsome Man Quits Modeling For Priesthood

The young man revealed that he has already joined a seminary near Florence and is taking the necessary steps to become a priest. Edoardo expressed his decision to give up modeling, acting, and dancing but assured his followers that he would still pursue his passions differently, offering them up to God. He credited the influence of the people he has encountered in recent years, particularly young individuals, who have inspired him to delve deeper into his spirituality.

Overcoming various fears, Edoardo found the strength to explore his lifelong question and discovered a profound connection to his faith. Reflecting on his journey, Edoardo shared that living with two priests had been a transformative experience, describing it as the most beautiful period of his life. Inspired by their devotion, he decided to pursue theology studies and even worked in two parishes within the Florentine diocese. Although the decision to abandon his dreams and embrace the priesthood initially terrified him, he is now confident that it was the right path to take.

Italy's Most Handsome Man Quits Modeling For Priesthood

In a heartfelt video shared on Instagram, Edoardo can be seen praying in a church, accompanied by the caption, “I got back on my path.” Edoardo’s announcement has sparked curiosity and admiration among his fans, who had once celebrated his physical beauty. The young man, who gained fame after participating in the national beauty contest Il Bello d’Italia, expressed immense gratitude for the title but revealed that his dreams extended beyond mere aesthetics. Despite his undeniable talent and ambition, Edoardo yearned for more time to pursue a multitude of activities.

According to reports, Edoardo maintains a modest presence on social media, seldom sharing images from his previous modeling shoots or vacation destinations. Instead, his focus has shifted to his newfound purpose, updating his bio to proudly declare himself a “Christian priest wannabe.”Edoardo’s decision to leave behind a world of glamour and pursue a life of service serves as a reminder that sometimes the path to fulfillment requires us to make unexpected choices and embrace our true calling. As Edoardo embarks on this transformative journey, his story serves as an inspiration to us all.


What made Edoardo Santini decide to become a priest?

After a lifetime of pursuing his dreams of becoming a star through drama and dance, Edoardo felt a calling to serve God and decided to dedicate his life to the priesthood.

How did Edoardo’s experience living with two priests influence his decision?

Living with two priests proved to be a transformative experience for Edoardo, inspiring him and deepening his faith. It was a period he described as the most beautiful of his life.

Did Edoardo completely give up his passions for modeling, acting, and dancing?

Edoardo decided to give up his previous career pursuits but expressed that he would continue to live his passions in different contexts, offering them up to God.

What was Edoardo’s reaction to his decision to become a priest?

Initially, Edoardo was terrified to abandon his dreams and embrace the priesthood. However, he now believes it was the right choice and feels a sense of happiness and fulfillment.

How has Edoardo’s announcement been received by his fans?

Edoardo’s decision to leave behind his modeling career and pursue the priesthood has sparked curiosity and admiration among his fans, who were initially drawn to his physical beauty.

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