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Italian Village Is Selling Houses For ‘€1’ Located Just 15 Minutes Away From The Beach And Its COVID-19 Free

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Italian Village Is Selling Houses For ‘€1’ Located Just 15 Minutes Away From The Beach And Its COVID-19 Free

The village Located just 15 minutes away from the local beach via car.

Are you saving to buy a home? How does ‘One Euro’ for a dream home sound? Well, as countries and businesses reopen amidst the ongoing pandemic, a small town in Italy is selling homes for just a Euro. In the Southern region of Calabria, the quaint village of Cinquefrondi is COVID-19 cases free and hopes to attract more residents while revitalizing its urban areas.

A small town in the Southern Region of Calabria is selling homes for just ‘One Euro’

The invitation, dubbed as Operation Beauty’ features properties available at a cut-price in hope that investment or perhaps renovation will restore the village to its natural beauty. Interested buyers will have to stump up €1 for the property and an additional €250 insurance policy annually until the property is fully renovated.

And prospective owners who didn’t complete their renovations within 36 months will be liable to pay a fine of €20,000. ‘Searching for new owners for the abandoned houses is a major part of the Operation Beauty that’s launched to recover degraded parts of the town.’ Mayor Michele Conia reportedly said.

The huge step has been taken in the aftermath of the global pandemic which as hampered villages and towns across Italy, witnessing property prices relatively dropping. But despite this, Mayor Michele admitted that the community hasn’t, however, reported a case of the pandemic.

‘A lot of people have traveled from here over the years, abandoning their homes. We can’t just yield to resignation. A whole district of a town is neglected, with empty homes that are also risky and unstable. Here, we’re asking for some kind of assurance once a buyer commits to the project.’ The Mayor added.

Nevertheless, cost-effective sales of properties now appear to be something of a recent trend in more rural regions of Italy and the latest example seen in Cinquefrondi comes after that of Mussomeli in Sicily.

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