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It Follows Sequel “They Follow” Announced


It Follows Sequel “They Follow” Announced

The 2014 cult horror hit It Follows is getting a sequel, They Follow.

Get ready to scream, because the popular 2014 horror movie It Follows is finally getting a sequel! That’s right, the bone-chilling tale that left audiences on the edge of their seats is making a comeback, and it’s being directed by none other than David Robert Mitchell himself. It Follows took the horror genre by storm when it was first released. With its unique premise, the movie won audiences and left them wanting more. Now, over a decade later, fans can rejoice as they delve once again into the terrifying world where a relentless entity pursues its victims.

Filmmaker David Robert Mitchell and leading lady Maika Monroe are reuniting for more supernatural scares in the It Follows sequel, They Follow.

It Follows Sequel "They Follow" Announced
It Follows Sequel "They Follow" Announced

“They Follow” is expected to trace the journey of Monroe’s character, Jay, in the aftermath of the events portrayed in “It Follows.” However, specific details regarding this sequel remain shrouded in mystery. In the original film per EW, Jay faced a relentless supernatural pursuit after a s*xual encounter with her boyfriend, Jake Weary. The unseen entity aimed to break a cursed chain, forcing Jay to choose between her life and passing on the curse. The film ended ambiguously as Jay and his friend Paul, Keir Gilchrist, committed to confronting the unknown while engaged in an intimate act.

It Follows Sequel "They Follow" Announced
It Follows Sequel "They Follow" Announced

So far, the announcement of a sequel to “It Follows” has sent shockwaves through the horror community. David Robert Mitchell, the visionary director behind the original movie, is back at the helm, ensuring that the sequel stays true to the bone-chilling tone that made its predecessor so memorable. While details about the plot and characters of the sequel are being kept tightly under wraps, one thing is certain: this is a movie that horror fans won’t want to miss. Mitchell’s directorial prowess, combined with the eerie and atmospheric world he created in the first film promises to deliver a terrifying cinematic experience.

It Follows Sequel "They Follow" Announced
It Follows Sequel "They Follow" Announced

Notably, They Follow marks Mitchell’s first project since his surreal 2018 neo-noir Under the Silver Lake, starring Andrew Garfield and Riley Keough, though he’s also developing a project at Warner Bros. with Anne Hathaway that has yet to start production. So, what can we expect from this sequel? Will it continue the story of the original film, or will it take us in a completely new direction? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: “It Follows” fans are in for a treat, and they better prepare themselves for another heart-pounding journey into the realm of horror.


Who is directing the sequel to “It Follows”?

David Robert Mitchell, the same director behind the original movie, is directing the sequel.

Is It Follows based on a true story?

No, It follows isn’t based on a real-life story

When can we expect the release of the sequel?

The release date for the sequel has not been announced yet, but it is “coming soon.”

Will the sequel continue the story of the original film?

Details about the plot and characters of the sequel are being kept under wraps, so it’s unclear whether it will continue the story of the original film or take a new direction.

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