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iPhone 14 Will Have Satellite Connectivity As Emergency Feature


iPhone 14 Will Have Satellite Connectivity As Emergency Feature

How useful is this going to be?

Apple is bringing satellite connectivity to its newest update for iPhone 14, allowing users to be able to send emergency messages when necessary. It can only be used if you’re standing in open space with a clear line of sight to the sky – the satellite.

iPhone 14 will have a satellite connectivity feature.

apple emergency SOS satellite connection 5

It’s a pretty neat feature – assuming you’re willing to pay the price.

apple emergency SOS satellite connection 1

An SEC filing submitted after Apple’s event shows that Apple is working with Globalstar. The latter promises to be the operator and provide 85% of its network capacity to support the iPhone’s satellite connectivity. They’ll also be responsible for their own resources, including personnel, satellite systems, and software.

For the first two years, this service will be free for every iPhone user. But the charge incurred after two years has not been revealed.

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While phone calls aren’t available with this service, you can send an SOS message. It’ll load vital questions you can choose from: are you in a crash, is there a crime happening, are you in a fire, or are you lost somewhere?

It’s funny to see the question if you’re trapped, considering it’s encouraged to use it in an open space. But it’s a great feature to have otherwise, in a situation when the satellite connection can reach you. Once you send your message, iPhone will relay it to a specialist from Apple to place the emergency call for you.

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Your phone will walk you through how to establish and connect to a satellite for the first time. If you’re not in an open space, your SOS message could take up to several minutes to be sent.

This can also be used for “Find My” function when you lose your phone and for Crash Detection when you’re in a remote area.

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This feature will be made available first in the US and Canada, as well as travelers that enter these areas. Except for those who got their model from mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macao. It also doesn’t work on some northern parts of Canada or Alaska or anywhere above 62° latitude.

The feature is launching in November. What are your thoughts?

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