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Instagram Threads Vs Twitter: Which One Is Best?


Instagram Threads Vs Twitter: Which One Is Best?

Twitter revolutionized brief communication, while Threads create a more intimate messaging experience.

Instagram’s most-hyped new text-based Twitter killer app, Threads has finally launched. In the ever-evolving landscape of social networking platforms, the arrival of Instagram’s Threads poses a huge challenge to Twitter’s dominance. It’s the latest in a line of competitors including BlueSky and Donald Trump’s Truth Social that aimed to provide an alternative digital space for conversations aside from Twitter. However, let’s dive into the key features as well as limitations of both Instagram Threads and Twitter. Notably, it’s up to you to decide which is best between Twitter and Instagram Threads.


Twitter is unique for its brevity and speed. It leverages hashtags for topic discovery and mentions for interactions. It offers features including live tweeting during events, fleets for ephemeral tales, and Twitter spaces for audio conversations. Meanwhile, Instagram Threads has introduced Auto Status, which updates users’ status based on their location and activities. The app eliminates public posts and distractions, prioritizing authentic interactions and meaningful connections.

Real-Time Engagement

Twitter is efficient with real-time engagement, news updates, and public discussions. It offers retweets, replies, and multimedia sharing. On the other hand, Instagram Threads tend to cater to just private messaging and sharing personal moments with a selected group. The app’s streamlined interface focuses on updates from close pals. Notably, your Threads feed will be algorithmic – this means it will be populated by a mix of people you follow and recommended content. 

Audience Reach

For businesses seeking wider reach, it’s recommended to utilize Twitter but for brands aiming for a personal connection with a selected group, they can benefit from Threads. Also, for personal use, Twitter is best for joining global conservations and staying updated while Threads provides you a private space for just sharing personal updates with close friends. 

Privacy And Connections:

As Elon Musk took over Twitter, he transformed the way people connect and share information. A hallmark characteristic is its 280-character limit, which promotes swift messaging. Users can as well engage in discussions, reply, like and retweet interesting posts. So far, hashtags and mentions have significantly helped to facilitate topic discovery and interaction. 

For Instagram Threads app, it emphasizes enhanced privacy and a more personal messaging experience. It’s designed for sharing with close friends, allowing you to send text, photo, and video messages exclusively to your selected contacts. On privacy, Threads create a space for personal conversations. 

Twitter Cap On Posts & Verification

The launch of Threads comes just days after Musk announced a cap on how many posts users can read on Twitter. Now, users who pay the $8 a month to become verified can view up to 6,000 daily tweets while unverified users can see up to 600 tweets a day and new unverified accounts can see up to 300 tweets a day. This hasn’t been the only drastic change made to Twitter as in the past year, Musk has purged old conversations, introduced encrypted messaging, and introduced Twitter Blue for $11 for iOS. 

Threads Verification Cost

For Threads, there are currently no additional costs to using it. However, Meta had two months ago unveiled a paid-for-verification service on Instagram and Facebook costing $11.99 a month on the web and $14.99 a month on iOS. Meanwhile, it’s possible that Threads could incorporate similar features as Twitter, but this is yet to be revealed. However, you can download Threads on both Play Store and App Store for users aged 12 and above. It’s important to note that Threads isn’t currently available to Android users in the United Kingdom or the United States

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