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‘I’m Trans But Don’t Tell Men Before Meeting Them, People Are Just Too Judgmental’


‘I’m Trans But Don’t Tell Men Before Meeting Them, People Are Just Too Judgmental’

Trans influencer Adea Danielle doesn’t tell men she’s trans, as people can be judgmental.

The influencer is using social media to share her journey and experiences of being trans while helping others who are going through a similar situation. In a new YouTube video published on Shera (@shera_oficl), a platform dedicated to empowering women, Adea Danielle, who has over 138K followers on Instagram, openly discussed the treatment she’s received from others.

In the video, Adea Danielle shares the reason behind not telling men she’s trans before meeting them.

'I’m Trans But Don’t Tell Men Before Meeting Them, People Are Just Too Judgmental'
Jam Press | adee.ah

She says, ‘[People tell me] I’m lying to them or that I’m deceiving them. “There’s so much judgment around the trans label, and if a guy were to learn that I’m trans before, he would make up a whole idea of how I am and how I must act. It’s my past and you’re not going to meet someone and tell them everything that happened in your past.’

‘I want him to get to know me and I’m also not going to get rejected by a guy that I could reject, so I just tell them when I’m interested and when I want to take things further.’ She added: ‘[Online] guys often comment, ‘Oh, you’re lying to men, but then how can they say I’m lying if I present myself as a woman? They’re basically saying, I’m a man.’

Growing up, Adea Danielle felt something was missing, and at age 16, after coming across a YouTube video on the subject, she realized she was trans.

'I’m Trans But Don’t Tell Men Before Meeting Them, People Are Just Too Judgmental'
Jam Press | adee.ah

After feeling like she was in the wrong body, Adea informed her mom, and soon she was placed on the waiting list for hormones, before getting gender-affirming surgery in 2021.

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She recalled dressing in her mom’s clothes and wanting to play with her sister’s toys, and she believed her family knew she was different. Adea’s mom was allegedly very accepting, Her dad wasn’t on board initially, but now he’s her biggest supporter. The Canadian believes not much is known about trans people outside of the community, saying it is often thought that people wake up and decide their gender, when in fact, it’s not a choice.

Adea further insisted that studies showed her brain doesn’t identify with being male and looks similar to that of a woman’s, with the hormone treatment proven to provide a feeling of true happiness.

'I’m Trans But Don’t Tell Men Before Meeting Them, People Are Just Too Judgmental'
Jam Press | adee.ah

She stated: ‘As soon as you start the transition process, it’s been proven that the brain lights up, and that’s when you feel true joy. You can’t really be proud or feel content with how people view you [before], as you know that when people look, it’s not really who you are. It feels like no one really loves you.’ Adea had previously hit the headlines after revealing the complications she experienced after undergoing Brazilian b*tt lift [BBL] surgery.

At the time, Adea claimed the pain of the BBL surgery left her feeling like she was being burned alive. ‘On the first night, they had to put gauze in between my stitches, and the next day, they couldn’t take them out as I had bled out. I had blood clots where I couldn’t pee anymore and so they had to leave it in. It was so intense and I was screaming before I fainted. “A year ago, I had to go back because the function of it [wasn’t right] and it looked very bad.’

‘It was a really difficult time for me because I went from having something in between my legs that I hated to this. I would never touch it and disconnected with that area [of my body].’ Adea has also undergone gender-affirming surgery, where the p*nis is removed and turned into a vagina. While she’s happy with the procedure, Adea feels it’s important to share her story and has earned immense support online.

She said: “I do get a lot of comments saying that I have saved [people’s] lives because I’ve given them the courage to transition, and that alone is all I need. When I started transitioning, one of my biggest fears was the judgment that I would get walking into the community. I don’t know why there’s such a big stigma that when you transition, you have to do this or get that.”

After coming out as Trans, Adea lost over 50K followers on social media and while it hurt, she’s now focused on her happiness.

She concluded, ‘When I saw that video and learned I was trans, it pretty much saved my life, because I was in a horrible space.’

‘You can’t care about what anyone else has to say and just shut everyone out. Concentrate on yourself and focus on where you were in the past [compared to now] and not where others are. “As I got older, before my transition, I expressed myself through art and would draw a lot of feminine energy and faces. I really want to make a living with my art when I’m older and have a gallery; I want my name to be known.’

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