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‘I’m 38 But Looks So Young I Date Guys In Their 20s – Men My Age Are Unattractive’


‘I’m 38 But Looks So Young I Date Guys In Their 20s – Men My Age Are Unattractive’

Self-care inside and out is very vital.

Ashley Distefano is heavily turned off by men who are the same age as her. The beauty, who claims age “is like a fine wine,” prefers to date blokes in their twenties, and they literally have no idea she’s 38-Year-Old. This revelation emerged following a TikTok trend that urged people to “tell me you don’t look your age without telling me you don’t look your age.”

One of @ashleydistefano727’s responses via a video was flaunting her youthful appearance in the passenger seat of a car as she fearlessly showed off her face.

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ashleydistefano727 via TikTok

It’s been watched over a million times, and people were left stunned by her appearance. One person commented: “Age is just a number! And how you take care of yourself matters the most. Another said: “I’m 45 and did this sound, and men are telling me it’s the makeup. Like boy – I don’t even wear foundation. You look beautiful btw.”

@ashleydistefano727 Like fine wine #fypシ #esthetician #momsoftiktok #selfcare #datenight #skincare #happiness #foryoupage original sound – Mika McKinney

A third stated: “Not people bashing her saying she looks over 30 like it’s a bad thing. Thirty isn’t old and most 20-Year-Olds look like this.” 

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ashleydistefano727 via TikTok

In another clip, Ashley explained she has been an Esthetician for over 11 years and worked in a medical spa. Over the years, she maintained a great skincare regime, including Vitamin C, Tretinoin, Hyaluronic acid, Sunscreen, Hydroquinone, and Glycolic. The TikToker said she also has regular facials and gets chemical peels and IPL [ intense pulsed light] for hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage.

Ashley ensures she avoids tanning beds and wears an SPF when in the sun to avoid damaging her skin and drinks plenty of water as well as a plant-based diet.

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ashleydistefano727 via TikTok
@ashleydistefano727 not to be taken too seriously 😉 #fypシ #foryoupage #momtok #PrimeDayDealsDance #viral MMM MMM (feat. ATL Jacob) – Kali

She has had a Botox and lip filler in her top lip and doesn’t smoke but regularly works out. “Genes do play a role, but self-care inside and out is very, very important,” Ashley insisted. 

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