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‘I Let My Friend Breastfeed My Baby So I Can Have Drinks’


‘I Let My Friend Breastfeed My Baby So I Can Have Drinks’

The APP urged women to supplement breast milk with formula.

A mix of praise and scorn has flooded the comment of a video by TikToker @gregariously_grace. She went viral on the platform after her clip alleged she permitted her friend to breastfeed her baby so she could have drinks. It racked over 840,000 views, and Grace’s followers of over 105K didn’t hold back in expressing their opinion on the situation.

“When you’re a few drinks in so let you let your friend nurse your baby,” the caption read. 

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Reacting, one person commented: “I don’t get it; why is your friend breastfeeding your baby? You can have a drink and feed at the same time.” As the backlashes outweighed the applause, Grace shared a follow-up video explaining her friend has a 7-Month-Old baby out of state for the weekend.

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Grace defended herself: “I let her nurse him to strengthen his immune system and also to reliever her.”

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She continued: “It’s absolutely okay to drink and nurse; if you’re feeling sober enough to drive, you can nurse. I trust her to breastfeed my baby because she breastfeeds her own.” But despite the justification, some people still felt torn by the situation as a second wrote: “Nope, my baby more important than drinks.” 

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A third chimed in: “Would never want anyone else to feed my baby. Guess I’m a jealous mom.” 

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Only a few supported Grace, stating: “When they say it takes a village. This is what they mean.” Another wrote: “This is the most beautiful gesture ever.” A shocked one expressed: “Wow, I’m surprised how many people support this; not sure I’d be keen, but fair enough!” The American Academy of Pediatrics does not encourage using informally shared breast milk.

The APP urged women to supplement breast milk with formula or use donor milk from a certified milk bank.

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