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‘I Got A Mystery Man’s Name Tattooed On My Bum Ten Years Ago, Now I’m Looking For Him’


‘I Got A Mystery Man’s Name Tattooed On My Bum Ten Years Ago, Now I’m Looking For Him’

It’s unknown if she’s currently single, or perhaps she might be romantically interested in Forde.

Back in 2012, Kaylie Williams traveled to a party destination of Magaluf, Spain, with her friends. While on a boozy night, the 32-Year-Old from Hereford and her four girlfriends met with a mystery man and his male friends.

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Things went wild as the man paid $33 for Williams to have his name Daniel Forde inked on her bum.

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And drunkenly, the British woman agreed!

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The now mom-of-two told South West News Service that the men were all standing outside a tattoo parlor dressed as babies with diapers on, and one of them had dared her to get his name tattooed on her a**. She recalled: “The guy who I got chatting to in the group said; why don’t you have a name tattooed on you and I will pay for it. At first, I thought he was joking. But I did, and he paid for it. It was so random.”

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To this day, Williams has no idea who Daniel Forde is, and the only reason she knows his name is that it’s tattooed on her bum.

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 Earlier this week, she had tried to track down Daniel and so posted a snap of her bum on Facebook with the caption: “I’m a bit of a party girl and I’ve done some stupid things when I’ve been drunk in my time! But for the last ten years, I’ve away wondered who is, what he looks like and what he’s up to now. My friend and I were laughing about my tattoo the other day and I just decided I’m going to find this Daniel Forder once and for all.”

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Notably, the social worker at the time had woke up the following day with both a hangover and the Daniel Forde inking on her behind, but the real Forde was nowhere to be found. 

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He had actually stayed at the same hotel as Williams, but he left that day, and the night was the last she ever saw of him. The party girl added she wasn’t interested in having a holiday fling as she was in another relationship; hence, she flew back to the UK and claimed her then-BF didn’t mind she had another man’s name permanently stamped her bottom. She stated: “He just kind of laughed it off.”

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William intends not to cause any trouble; she wants to find him and see if he remembers the girl who got his name tattooed on her bum. 

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While she does have several tattoos, Williams admits the stranger’s name is her favorite. However, she didn’t divulge if she is currently single or whether she might be romantically interested in Forder, but then, it will be good to get back in contact with him. Similarly, Williams has no idea what she would say to him but might probably offer him the money back for paying for the tattoo. 

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