'I Fell In Love With A Stranger – He Moved 10k Miles To Be With Me But Dumped Me In Just 3 Weeks'

‘I Fell In Love With A Stranger – He Moved 10k Miles To Be With Me But Dumped Me In Just 3 Weeks’

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Lockdown is a time for many people to find love online. Rosanna Wilson is one such person who found her love on the Internet. She met Andrew Monck online and have been hitting it up pretty well. Not even weeks later, the two were officially together.

They were doing everything together already: video calls, getting tattoos, day-in-day-out chats.

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Her boyfriend lives over 10,000 miles away finally planned to move in with her. Rosanna shared the story to her vlogging platform TikTok with more than 30,000 followers. Only four months later Andrew, 33, flew from the UK to Sydney, Australia.

The two resides together in Torquay, Devon, but things weren’t easy from the get-go. As soon as he got there, the two were locked in due to the lockdown. The two soon felt how things turned from ‘housemates’ to ‘cellmates’ as Andrew left the home a week before Christmas.

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Rosanna was in tears as she shares her long-distance relationship that soon turned sour once they met.

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Rosanna had even asked for a Sydney Harbor mural to be added on her wall to prepare it as a man-cave for Andrew. She explained that it “was Andrew’s decision.”

“We were soul mates that ended up like cell mates. We were locked in this house together.”

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They had the option to go back on a long-distance relationship, but it seems that things couldn’t be mend anymore for them. Rosanna continued, “I was very upset for a good couple of weeks, then I thought right, let’s get on to my YouTube channel and make something positive of it.

Andrew left days before the pandemic tier goes up to level 4. She added, “It wouldn’t have been ideal to be stuck together into the New Year. I would have had to stick him in the man cave and left food out for him.”

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Speaking of the beginning of the fallout, Rosanna said, “Things just got to him with the lockdown. It was the winter, always dark, and he was really struggling with that. He came from a country with low covid-19 rates to a country with high rates.”

She’d gone there herself if it wasn’t because of the unusual worldwide situation we’re in. She uses this experience to share and remind others how to forget a good long-distance relationship.

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It was Rosanna, however, that asked Andrew first if he’s okay. “The reason I asked that was I could feel him becoming distant,” she added.

“It was the little things like sleeping on the edge of the bed rather than closer. I noticed he was becoming distant for about half a week before I asked him that question. After that, all the stuff came out that he wasn’t happy here and wanted to go back.

After that, all the stuff came out that he wasn’t happy here and wanted to go back. He was very lucky to go when he did.”

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Rosanna continued to add that he plans to get another wall mural with a beach team. In addition, his dad is building him a Tiki bar as he’s just got into woodwork since lockdown.

“We’d bought presents for each other. The night we broke up, a few days before he left, it was Saturday night and he said ‘do you want your Christmas presents now then because you might as well?’ It was a large mixture of emotions. I love presents, but I was crying whilst opening my Christmas presents.”

Andrew contacted back to ask if they could remain as friends and apologized to have ‘ran away.’

“The main advice after a break-up is keep busy. It helps.”

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