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Husband Won £3.75 Million After Placing £1 Bet On Gambling Site When Wife Nipped To Loo


Husband Won £3.75 Million After Placing £1 Bet On Gambling Site When Wife Nipped To Loo

Wife went to the loo and came back to be told she’s now a millionaire.

Tommy and Shelley Roche are parents to eight children and one of them has ADHD. While Shelley was in the toiler, her husband, Tommy, had actually hit the £3.75 million jackpot on an online casino betting site, Bet365. It was The Pig Wizard fruit machine which gameplay was pretty straightforward.

Thanks to that, they are now set to move from their council house in Eltham, South East London with 3 beds to an £850,000, a six-bed pad located in Dover, Kent. It also has stables and is close to the beach.

The pair have been together since they were 15 and have been married for 2 years. Their kids are eight months, one, three, five, seven, nine, ten, and 12 years old.

Their old home in Eltham.

They also own a VW Beetle which Tommy still refuses to sell. And now, they have three luxurious cars and are ready to add a BMW X5. 30-year-old Shelley recalled the exciting moment, “We were both playing it but Tommy was holding the phone. We put £58 in our online account and it was £1 per go.”

“I went to the loo and came back as it was rolling in. I couldn’t believe it. I thought he was going to win like £16. It was the first time we played that game. It’s like a fruit machine, you put your stake on and press ‘start’.”

Excitingly, they tried to ring and tell everyone – their family, friends, etc.

Tommy who is also 30 has been unemployed since his last job at a recycling center two years ago. Meanwhile, Shelley has to be a full-time mother because of her son who has ADHD. The couple is now planning to invest in property.

Shelley added, “And maybe buying a salon or a cake shop.”

“We are on child tax credit and child benefit. We live in a three-bedroom semi-detached council house. The past we’ve come from we haven’t had much luck, I lost my nan in 2015 and in 2016 I lost my mum,” says Shelley.

She continued, “We are buying a six-bedroom place, with a one-bedroom granny annex. It has planning permission for a two-bedroom bungalow. It has horse stables and three acres of land. We like Dover, it’s out of the way and quiet and near the seaside so the kids will love it with the beach.”

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