Husband Told Wife To 'Get Over Herself' As She Couldn't Accept Her 'Son'

Husband Told Wife To ‘Get Over Herself’ As She Couldn’t Accept Her ‘Son’

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We are living in a time when more people are fighting for the rights of LGBTQ+, including the trans. Women get to act like men, and men get to be drag queens. They can also be allowed to be whoever they really feel they need to be. A certain girl at the age of 18 decided that she wants to transition into a boy, and his dad had seen this coming since he was young.

But it doesn’t appear that his wife was ready to ‘lose her daughter.’

Children who identify as part of the LGBTQ reveal that they are twice more likely to be bullied than heterosexual peers. This means that it is even so much more important for them to have a safe environment at home where they won’t feel pressured because of their identity.

The Trevor Project wrote, “40% of transgender adults reported having made a suicide attempt. 92% of these individuals reported having attempted suicide before the age of 25.” ADAA confirms that people who don’t appear to be gender-conforming are about two times more likely to deal with anxiety issues and depression.

It is clear that for years, the parents have tried to go on child therapy thinking something is wrong. But since 8 years old, the child had always wanted to be a boy.


The argument escalated, and now it has been tense in the family as the mom does not want to accept ‘losing a daughter.’ Dad brought the topic on subreddit ‘AITA’ to get insight if he was indeed wrong for telling his wife to ‘get over herself.’

The replies soon poured in, many saying ‘NTA’ that stands for ‘not the ***hole.’ In a world where more teens are finally coming out to reveal their identity, one pointed out, “She is only losing a child because she doesn’t want to accept the one she has.”

Another shared useful advice to assure the boy that dad is always going to be there for him. But even though mom has not completely accepted him, it’s not because she doesn’t love him, but she doesn’t know how to deal with these changes herself. It is a marriage where you agree to stay with each other no matter what, and it will definitely take time for her to come to terms and for him to be patient.

One can imagine the difference between a child accepted and loved for who they are and considered ‘lost’ for being a trans. One can also easily guess who will have a better chance of being a happy and fulfilled teenager and adult when they grow up, feeling confident in themselves and not letting criticisms get to them as easily.