Hugh Jackman’s NDA With Estranged Wife Amid Divorce

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman's NDA With Estranged Wife Amid Divorce

In the midst of his divorce from Deborra-Lee Furness, Hollywood heartthrob Hugh Jackman is reportedly taking extreme measures to protect his secrets. Rumor has it that he’s pushing for an ironclad non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to be signed by his estranged wife, offering a huge portion of his $100 million fortune as an incentive. But what’s driving this desire for privacy?

Sources reveal that Hugh Jackman is dead set on keeping his past with Deborra-Lee Furness locked away.


This NDA would prevent Furness from speaking about their relationship in interviews, memoirs, or any other possible outlets. It’s not just about money for Jackman; it’s about control. With a treasure trove of secrets, he’s determined to keep them hidden from prying eyes. While it remains uncertain whether Furness will agree to sign the NDA, reports suggest that Jackman is willing to be incredibly generous with his fortune if she complies.

In fact, Deborra-Lee Furness will never have to worry about money again. But the question on everyone’s lips is: will she sacrifice her freedom of expression for financial security? Surprisingly, Jackman and Furness did not have a prenuptial agreement in place when they tied the knot 27 years ago. This means that Jackman is prepared to be exceedingly generous with his $100 million estate, but only if Furness agrees to his terms. It’s a high-stakes game of love and money, where the final decision rests in Furness’s hands.

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The public was left stunned when news broke of their separation after nearly three decades together. In a joint statement, they expressed gratitude for their time as a couple and emphasized their commitment to individual growth. Their children, Oscar and Ava, remain their top priority amidst this life-altering transition. Reports suggest that COVID-19 played a significant role in the breakdown of their marriage.

The pandemic’s strain on their relationship became too much to bear, leaving it broken by the time restrictions were lifted. Despite their best efforts to work through their issues, the recent Hollywood writers’ strike dealt a final blow, pushing them further apart. In the end, divorce seemed to be the best option for both Jackman and Furness. They had tried to rekindle the magic but found it elusive. It’s a heartbreaking realization that many couples face, and they’ve chosen to part ways amicably while preserving their friendship.


Why does Hugh Jackman want Deborra-Lee Furness to sign an NDA?

Hugh Jackman is determined to protect his secrets and maintain control over his private life. Signing an NDA would prevent Furness from discussing their relationship in any public forum.

Will Hugh Jackman give Deborra-Lee Furness a large part of his fortune if she signs the NDA?

Yes, reports suggest that Jackman is willing to be exceedingly generous with his $100 million fortune to ensure Furness’s financial security if she agrees to the terms of the NDA.

Did Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness have a prenuptial agreement?

No, the couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement at the start of their marriage, which means Jackman is free to offer Furness a significant portion of his estate without any legal restrictions.

Why did Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness decide to divorce?

The strain of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent Hollywood writers’ strike took a toll on their relationship, leading them to realize that they had grown apart. They decided that divorce was the best option for both of them.

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