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Holographic Hairs Are The Latest Cool Hair Trend Of 2020


Holographic Hairs Are The Latest Cool Hair Trend Of 2020

It’s worth giving a shot – are you trying it out!

We felt we had seen it all when it came to rainbow manes, but that has changed now on spotting the new holographic hues. Categorized by multi-dimensional metallic or perhaps pastel hues, the strands appear color-shifting and opalescent on every wearer.

Achieved with a technique termed ‘Hand-Pressed Coloring,’ the process involve behind screen printings and bringing them to your locks. Painting different patterns on a sheet of Plexiglas with dye, stylists place a section of hair onto the glass, moving the dye to your strands.

The process is repeated using hues of blue, lavender and pink on a different part of the hair or repeatedly on the exact section in a bid to vary the intensity of the color.

Being a faster technique as compared to other popular color applications, including foil and balayage, the process allows stylists to have total control over the vibrancy of the appearance.

Marvici has so far taught quite a number of stylists the technique but we are confident it will tremendously take off very fast. Unluckily, in order for rainbow shades to appear holographic on the hair, the customer must have a light hair color such as gray and blonde before heading to the salon.

On the other hand, the outcome is really gorgeous as it appears like it was sprinkled with pixie dust. Green lemon can’t, however, get enough of the captivating trend of 2020.

Get inspired! Check out some holo-hair photos:

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