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Here’s How The Size Of Asteroids Is Compared To New York City


Here’s How The Size Of Asteroids Is Compared To New York City

The multiverse is really infinite!

The space is massive and the stuff floating in it is pretty darn big. It can be easy to forget the scale of cosmic things as we mostly go all day doing things that improve our daily living. A single accurate comparison can, however, help you realize just how small we humans really are.

Alvaro Gracia Montoya of MetaBulls Studios, a 3D animator recently explained just how big asteroids in our solar system really appear. Comparing the asteroids to the size of New York City, you sure can get your heads around the whole idea.

More info: Instagram (Montoya) | Facebook (MetaBall Studios) | YouTube

Alvaro Gracia Montoya Compared Asteroids To New York City In A 3d Animation Video

Turned Out, The Asteroids In Our Solar System Are Massive

The 3D animator revealed it took a whole month to make the video. ‘My channel specialized in size comparison and I saw there were almost no videos hinged on asteroids. So, I thought it would be a very good idea to make one.’ The Animator explained.

‘Some asteroids are very large and the most hazardous are the small ones because they can be challenging to detect. I have always liked making videos on YouTube, but I never knew I would discover the asteroids comparison along the way’ Alvaro added.

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