Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume 2023

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is always ready for Halloween! And as she prepares for her annual party celebrating the spooky season, the model recently stepped out on Oct. 25 in Los Angeles in a teasing costume. She walked the city dressed up as a tiger, with fluffy ears and cat-eyed makeup. The rest of her outfit included a leather jacket paired with a cream-colored coat and black boots. Reportedly, The AGT judge stopped by her local Dunkin’ to purchase four boxes of spider-decorated donuts. The 50-year-old didn’t hesitate to take a bite from the treat while being snapped by paparazzi.

As with Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume 2023, the model teased that this year’s Halloween costume will be just as impressive, if not better, as she spoke in an interview with ET.


She told the publication, “I actually just took a trip, five hours I had to fly someplace—and I don’t even want to say where ’cause I don’t want to give you away any clue—but I had to fly five hours to this mysterious place and five hours back just to have a little look how things were going,” she teased. “Things are going very well. Thank goodness!” Klum added, “And I mean, the tiniest little hint I can give you is it’s going to be very colorful and super big.”

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However, Heidi Klum is a name synonymous with Halloween. The supermodel has been wowing us with her over-the-top costumes for over two decades now. As we look forward to Halloween 2023, the question on everyone’s mind is, “What will Heidi Klum wear this year?” With each passing year, Heidi has managed to outdo herself, making it nearly impossible to predict what she will wear next. But before we speculate on what the queen of Halloween will wear next year, let’s take a look at some of her most iconic past Halloween costumes.

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In 2001, Heidi Klum made headlines when she showed up at her party dressed as Lady Godiva. She arrived on a white horse, wearing a long blonde wig and a strategically placed white sheet. The costume left little to the imagination and set the tone for Heidi’s future Halloween costumes. The following year, Heidi Klum dressed up as Betty Boop, complete with a bright red wig, voluminous dress, and exaggerated makeup. She even managed to get her then-husband, Seal, to dress up as Betty’s male counterpart, Bimbo.


In 2005, Heidi Klum took things to the next level with her costume inspired by the Hindu goddess Kali. The costume featured multiple arms, a bloody head, and a skirt made of severed hands. While the costume was controversial, it showcased Heidi’s commitment to pushing boundaries with her Halloween costumes. In 2010, Heidi Klum dressed up as a robot with a futuristic silver bodysuit, illuminated chest, and red eyes. The costume was a nod to her love of technology and was created in collaboration with a team of special effects artists. Heidi’s most recent Halloween costume was in 2019 when she transformed into an alien, complete with prosthetics and a glowing green bodysuit.

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The alien costume took over six hours to apply, but the result was out of this world. Klum slithered into a creepy ribbed red worm costume for her 21st annual Halloween party in 2022. She then stripped down in a sizzling sheer sequined bodysuit while retaining her creepy worm face. Nonetheless, Heidi has always been tight-lipped about her Halloween costumes until the big reveal. But we can only imagine what she might come up with next. Perhaps she will draw inspiration from pop culture as she did with her Jessica Rabbit costume in 2015. Or maybe she will opt for something more abstract, like her 2013 costume inspired by a human anatomy exhibit.

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