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Gymnast Simone Biles Has Two New Remarkable Moves Named After Her


Gymnast Simone Biles Has Two New Remarkable Moves Named After Her

WTC reasoned Biles moves might be too dangerous in the long run!

Simone Biles displayed two remarkable moves at the World Gymnastics Championship in Germany and interestingly, the new skills will be named after her.

Involved in a competition in Stuttgart, Germany, Biles displayed a triple-doubled on the floor exercise, specifically a triple-twisting double back-flip that will be dubbed ‘Biles II’

On the balance beam, Biles displayed a double-double tuck-two flips and two twists while descending. This specific move will be named ‘Biles.’

Simone Biles displayed two huge moves, while will be named after her. She competed at the world gymnastics championships in Germany

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Nevertheless, the star has criticized gymnastics officials for watering down the points awarded for the remarkable new moves. The gymnastics governing body reasoned that the moves might be too dangerous for any other gymnasts to try.

‘Am I in a league of my own? Yes. But that doesn’t imply you can’t credit me for what I am doing. They have always insisted we do more difficult and bring in more artistry, giving more harder skills. So we did and then they don’t credit it and I don’t think that’s fair enough.’ Simone Biles told NBC sport.

One of the moves was on the floor while the other move was on a balance beam dismount

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Majorly, elements in gymnastics are usually given a letter of difficulty with an ‘A’ skill worth a tenth of a point and each higher letter worth an extra tenth of a point.

But Biles triple-twisting double was awarded as a rare ‘J’ level skill while her double-double tuck was valued at ‘H.’

Justifying their decision, the International Gymnastics Federation’s Women’s Technical Committee, said in a statement on their website: ‘In assigning awards to the new element, the WTC took into consideration many aspects: The safety, the risk as well as the technical direction of the gymnasts.’

Biles in 2016 at the Rio Olympics has four gymnastics moves named after her. Two are floor exercise moves, one is a vault move and the fourth is a balance beam dismount

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‘There’s a risk in the landing of double saltos for Beam descends. The task of the committee is to guarantee the safety of all of its athletes across the world and decisions reached is not hinged on a gymnast.’ the committee added.

However, Biles, aged 22 previously had two moves named after her.

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