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Guy Working From Home Fools His Colleagues Into Believing He Lives In A Luxury Home


Guy Working From Home Fools His Colleagues Into Believing He Lives In A Luxury Home

What prank have you made out of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Working from home amid COVID-19 Outbreak means sleeping and working in your Pajamas, but interestingly at the comfort of one’s home.

It sounds like a dream come true! On the other hand, it also means the ideal opportunity to prank your colleagues!

Here, Andrew Eckel, a software engineer, and musician residing in Cambridge, Massachusetts pranked his colleagues into believing he resides in a luxurious home. Andrew did by developing a backdrop of an expensive-appearing home and only did told his colleagues later on that they’ve all be fooled.

Sharing the whole story to Imgur, users went nuts over Andrew’s hilarious prank.

More Info: Imgur | | YouTube | Bandcamp

Andrew Eckel, A Software Engineer & Musician Prank His Colleagues


Andrew, working in cancer research majorly focuses on creating population modeling and cost analysis but also spotlights as a musician. One of the songs created by Andrew is titled ‘Porcupine.’

How did Andrew’s colleague reacted when they found out they’ve been pranked? ‘I told them about the whole prank before hanging up as I showed them what I created over the weekend. I said: ‘It’s back here, right by the window, drawing their attention to the paper backdrop. Then I tapped the paper and zoomed the camera.’

‘Instantly, they started laughing, most especially when I moved the camera around the room to show them how the backdrop had fooled them.’ Andrew explained.

He further admitted making a small mistake when writing up his post on Imgur. ‘In the original post, I revealed printing the backdrop on six pages and taped them. But out of the 160,000+ users who viewed it, just one user pointed out what you can see by just using your eyes. It’s only 9 pages!’ Andrew added.

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