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Guy, 37, Wrote A Nasty Message To This Woman So She Told His Mom


Guy, 37, Wrote A Nasty Message To This Woman So She Told His Mom

Will you do the same to re-evaluate your position?

What will you do if you were sent a text message that challenges your integrity? Will you enter into a healthy debate to reattain your stand?

But what if you feel threatened by people who disagree with you? Anyways, it’s best you don’t you every abusive word you know because you might just end up being like this poor guy.

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Kallie Plagge, staff in a Video game industry is used to getting harassed by men until a recent encounter that was over the line. Kallie, who is a Writer searched for a guy’s ally and indeed found the harasser’s mom.

Sending the mother a screenshot of her son’s vulgar message, Kallie was startled at the response she got the next morning. The mother was all nice about it and was thrilled to share their exchange on her Twitter Page.


Kallie’s tweet has, however, garnered over 250 likes as well as applaud at the way Kallie handled the situation.

Kallie and the harasser issues started when she reviewed a popular game – Days Gone. ‘Most aspects of Days Gone lack purpose. Its many narrative threads flirt with being interesting and meaningful but never commit. It features characters whose actions and inspiration don’t make sense.’ Kallie had said.

While a lot disagreed with her comment, the average player score hinged on ratings from GameSpot users was 8.4. Additionally, over 950 comments on her article, with fans expressing their disappointment with the game.

‘It was very clear from the initial that it had nothing to with the content of our review. It was very much that the guy just wants to find an excuse to say sexist things to women.’ Kallie said while speaking to Daily Beast concerning the harasser.

While she declined to reveal the identities of the mother and the harasser, Kallie believes that people shouldn’t neglect to raise awareness for harassment.

Here’s How People Reacted To The Whole Situation

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