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Girl, 21, Reveals Why She Had An Affair With A Married Man For More Than A Year


Girl, 21, Reveals Why She Had An Affair With A Married Man For More Than A Year

Good men don’t cheat on their wives, It’s not worth it!”

An Australian woman who had an affair with a married man has disclosed her reasons for sleeping with him for more than a year.

Writing unidentified for Mammamia, the mistress recalled how she met with the charming older man in bar sparked a long-term adulterous relationship, featuring lies, dates and even sexual intercourse in cars.

Telling her experience as a warning tale, the anonymous writer agreed it was the best sex of her life and innocently stated ‘I love you’ – a statement which flamed up the beginning of the end of their relationship.

The woman had fought with her infatuation by dating other men and becoming less available, before closing up his chapter by blocking his mobile lines.

Striking a conversation with a handsome-looking 32-year-old businessman in a bar, the woman fell victim to his charms.

While the young man had openly spoken about his wife who is always home, the man requested her number for them to be friends and agreed on a day-time cinema date, where they both kissed each other.

‘We made love in his car a few days later. And after that, we started seeing each other again and again. He would come to my apartment from the office and we’d have the best sex of our life.’ the woman said.

Getting addicted to the chemistry built, the woman started lying to her family and friends to hide the relationship and fell deeply in love. ‘On a faithful day I told him I loved him and he said it back. And after the exchange of I love you, the sex even got better.’ she added.

Well, weeks later, the man told her he regretted saying the word, a statement which proved to be a much-needed wake-up call.

‘I’d several times throw his marriage in his face. I would also make comments on how good men don’t lie to the mother of their children. Specifically, Good men don’t cheat on their wives.’ the woman said.

Their relationship, however, got stuck when both parties started sleeping with other people. The woman in person finally grew tired of the man’s lies and cautioned others about the dangers of mistaking lust for love. ‘It’s not worth it.’ The woman concluded.

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