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Gillian Anderson Golden Globes 2024 Dress Covered in Tiny Vulvas

Gillian Anderson Golden Globes 2024 Dress Covered in Tiny Vulvas

According to Gabriela Hearst, each motif on Gillian Anderson golden globes 2024 dress took 3.5 hours to embroider.

Gillian Anderson, the star of S*x Education, knows how to make a fashion statement that leaves everyone talking. At the Golden Globes 2024, the 55-year-old actress turned heads and shut down the red carpet in a custom ivory strapless gown by Gabriela Hearst. But it wasn’t just any ordinary gown; it was embroidered with tiny vulvas.

As Gillian Anderson graced the Golden Globes 2024 red carpet, she flaunted the design, explaining she wore it for many reasons and that it was “brand appropriate.”

Gillian Anderson Golden Globes 2024 Dress Covered in Tiny Vulvas

Jennifer Garner even shared a warm hug with Anderson, showing her admiration for the stunning gown. Inside the event, Anderson spoke with PEOPLE and revealed that the dress drew inspiration from floral patterns, particularly peonies. She gushed about how the gown was covered in delicate blooms. Notably, Gabriela Hearst, the designer behind the gown, says each intricate motif on the dress took 3.5 hours to embroider.

Gillian Anderson’s Golden Globes 2024 dress was perfectly complemented by the exquisite Chopard jewels she wore.

Gillian Anderson Golden Globes 2024 Dress Covered in Tiny Vulvas

From an 18k white gold necklace adorned with a 10-carat pear-shaped yellow diamond to earrings featuring 15 carats of yellow diamonds, her accessories added a touch of glamour. She completed the look with a bracelet boasting 13 carats of diamonds and a ring set with dazzling diamonds. While her gown and jewelry wowed the audience, it was Anderson’s hair that truly stole the show. Embracing her natural beauty, the actress allowed a few wisps of gray roots to peek through the crown of her head.

It was a refreshing departure from the constant pressure to maintain a flawless appearance. The rest of her blonde locks were elegantly styled in a soft wave. While she knows how to rock a gown on the red carpet, she also loves to kick back and dress down when she’s at home. In a candid Instagram Live Q&A session with fans in 2021, she openly shared her disdain for bras. Anderson boldly declared, “I don’t wear a bra anymore. It’s just too f—— uncomfortable.”

Gillian Anderson Golden Globes 2024 Dress Covered in Tiny Vulvas

Her refusal to conform to societal expectations and her unapologetic embrace of her comfort and freedom resonated with many. When asked about her go-to outfit during the COVID pandemic, Anderson humorously revealed her preference for “comfortable” black track pants and a black hoodie. She confessed that, if given the chance, she would wear this laid-back ensemble every day. It’s a relatable sentiment that many can understand—the desire for comfort and ease amid challenging times.

Nonetheless, Gillian Anderson’s fashion choices at the Golden Globes 2024 showed her fearless spirit and unique sense of style. From her daring gown embroidered with vaginas to her stunning Chopard jewelry, every detail was carefully selected to make a statement. Her embrace of natural beauty, whether through her gray roots or her refusal to wear a bra, resonates with those who admire her authenticity. She reminds us all that true beauty lies in embracing who we are, both inside and out.


Why did Gillian Anderson choose a gown embroidered with vaginas for the Golden Globes?

Anderson shared with Deadline that she wore it for “so many reasons,” emphasizing that it’s “brand appropriate.”

What was the inspiration behind Anderson’s gown, according to her?

Although the gown features a female anatomy design, Anderson told PEOPLE that the dress is also inspired by peonies. Each motif took 3.5 hours to embroider.

How did Gillian Anderson accessorize her daring Golden Globes look?

Anderson went all out with Chopard jewels, including an 18k white gold necklace, earrings with nearly 30 carats of diamonds, a bracelet with 13 carats of diamonds, and a ring in 18k yellow gold set with diamonds.

How did Anderson balance her makeup for the Golden Globes red carpet?

Opting for a fairly natural look, Anderson rocked a soft smokey eye and pink lip, perfectly balancing glamour and simplicity.

What’s Gillian Anderson’s go-to outfit when she’s at home?

According to Anderson, if she had her way, she would wear “comfortable” black track pants and a black hoodie “every day.” She’s all about the comfort of life.

What is unique about Gillian Anderson’s approach to her natural gray roots?

Instead of concealing her gray roots, Anderson let them peek out from the crown of her head, fully embracing the naturalness of her hair.

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