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‘Frozen 3’ Might Happen And Give Elsa A Love Partner


‘Frozen 3’ Might Happen And Give Elsa A Love Partner

They might decide a female partner for her.

Disney fans have long asked for Elsa to be given a partner. What’s pretty surprising considering every Princess ever in Disney has always had their Prince Charming is that people now want Elsa to have a girlfriend.

Mainly because she has really great leadership quality, she has been a good elder sister and the majority of viewers are female who cannot be satisfied with cartoonish men. But cartoonish women look so gorgeous.

Yes, as a woman, I can confirm that.

Yeah, Why? GIF - Frozen Olaf Kristof GIFs

Everyone is hailing Elsa as an LGBTQ+ icon when she has never even once declared her sexuality nor has the first movie given her enough time to think about romantic love. And she’s definitely not a queer. This came from the same source who first said ‘Aladdin’ sequel is in the making.

Some fans may rejoice, but as the company has refused to make her gay on the 2nd movie as it would be too soon, the same thing might just happen. It’s just a fact when you make a movie that has a controversial topic, it won’t show in a lot of theaters across the world. Think countries that uphold Syariah rules and conservatives. And a majority of parents who will definitely not bring their kids to watch it.

'Frozen 3' Might Happen And Give Elsa A Love Partner

Honestly, we just can’t wait for November 22nd to watch Frozen 2 in her epic journey against… forest fire, angry trolls and lots more. Check out the trailer below!

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