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Fran Drescher, 62, Reveals About Having A Friend With Benefits: ‘It’s Delightful And Keeps Me Going’


Fran Drescher, 62, Reveals About Having A Friend With Benefits: ‘It’s Delightful And Keeps Me Going’

Applaud the perfect, ageless, stylish queen!

When it comes to TV icons, we would be offensively wrong to eradicate Fran Drescher. 62-Year-Old Fran had starred on the hit ‘90s sitcom ‘The Nanny’ for 7years.  She was both a Fashion and Television Icon.

Fran made history by being the 1st ever Jewish woman to play a Jewish lead character in a Sitcom since the 1940s. Presently, the 62-Year-Old has opened up about her life and love in an interview with The Cut.

‘As a Bu-Jew or as a Buddhist – more to the point of what I am really – balancing is a major part of daily practice.’ Fran told The Cut.

She added: ‘I try to find balance in everything and I never forget where I came from. Inside, I am still a chubby girl from Queens, anyway.’

Fran reflected on not having kids after having a hysterectomy in 2000. She was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer. ‘I think I would be a great mom and sometimes I think I missed out on that.’ Fran continued.

Her interview went on to give fans a glimpse into her sexual lifestyle. Her 2nd marriage to Shiva Ayyadurai, a tech entrepreneur ended three years after tying the knot in 2014.

‘The first year of my marriage was bliss, the second year was filled with ecstasy and agony while the third year was mainly agony.’ Fran stated further.

Fran, is, however, not seriously dating anyone as she made it clear that her hysterectomy has resulted in some issues with her sex drive. To be clear, she admitted she has a friend with benefits.

Fran added: ‘He comes around, we hang out and we do hot tub. I make our food and we lay in bed watching tennis together or a movie. We have good conversations and talk a lot. Yes. We have sex – it’s delightful and keeps me going.’

Nevertheless, Fran had a great relationship with her ex-husband who came out as gay. The interview concluded with the actress sharing her mantra gifted to her by a spiritual counselor.

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