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For Your Safety, Do Not Try The Viral Grimace Shake Trend


For Your Safety, Do Not Try The Viral Grimace Shake Trend

The McDonald’s Grimace shake trend is so unsettling.

In just two weeks after McDonald’s launched its Grimace birthday celebration, an aspect of its special birthday meal has become heavily sought after – the purple, berry-flavored Grimace shake. This hasn’t gone viral for its deliciousness or lilac color but instead, a TikTok latest trend sees videos where people drink the shake and instantly are covered in the drink, pretending to be killed, possessed, or passed out. 

What’s Happening In The Grimace Shake Trend Videos? 

Each one typically begins with someone telling the camera that they have the shake, wishing Grimace a happy birthday, then taking their first sips of the drink, and beginning to review the beverage. Then the video cuts instantly. 

After the beginning scenario, the rest of the videos are specifically based on the creators. Some have the reviewer on the ground with the shake coming out of their mouths or all over their bodies, while others pretend to have vomited or died. 

Grimace Shake Trend Involves Gen Z Folks And It So Scary 

@guaquamolininjabenis He will be grim-missed #grimaceshake #mcdonalds #trending ♬ Grimacing Sounds – Jon & Eli

The Grimace Shake TikToks involve mostly Gen Z folks innocently drinking the purple shake, maybe wishing Grimace a happy birthday or some other innocuous remark, before cutting to horrifying scenarios with the shake nearby. Most of the videos are something out of analog horror nightmares. And with this, it’s very much possible that Grimace might get his horror movie someday.

What Has McDonald’s Say About The Trend? 

As of today, McDonald’s has not issued an official statement regarding the current TikTok trend. But then, Grimace is continuously “taking over” all of McDonald’s social media accounts, and a tweet from the company’s Twitter account on Tuesday had a picture of Grimace along with the tweet that says, “meee pretending i don’t see the grimace shake trend.”

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