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Final Fantasy 16 Pre-Order: Where & What Edition To Buy


Final Fantasy 16 Pre-Order: Where & What Edition To Buy

Here’s everything you need to know about Final Fantasy 16 pre-order.

The Final Fantasy 16 pre-order is here, and the game appears to be one of the most anticipated titles this year as publisher Square Enix looks to return to its roots with the installment in the franchise later this month. A demo has been released on PlayStation 5 and it features the game’s prologue, with progress carrying over to the final release version of the game. Therefore, therefore you can start protagonist Clive Rosfield’s epic journey now, should you choose to.

The Story Of Final Fantasy 16?  

Final Fantasy 16 Pre-Order: Where & What Edition To Buy

The narrative centers around Clive Rosfield, the main protagonist, as he strives to free the world of Valisthea from its dependence on fading Mothercrystals. With various factions vying for control of the remaining Mothercrystals, the imminent Blight poses a significant threat to the entire world. 

Fueled by a thirst for vengeance, Clive embarks on a quest to confront Ifrit, a formidable fire Eikon, driven by a personal conflict involving his brother Joshua. Joshua, who is linked to both the benevolent Eikon Phoenix and the malevolent Dark Ifrit.

The Release Date For Final Fantasy 16 

It exclusively releases on June 22, 2023, on the PlayStation 5 console. There’s no information on a potential release for other platforms, but Sony has revealed that it has console exclusivity for at least 6 months in one of its PS5 ads. 

When To Preload A Copy of Final Fantasy 16? 

Final Fantasy 16 Pre-Order: Where & What Edition To Buy

Currently, Sony does not offer live preloads for individuals who have purchased a digital edition of Final Fantasy 16. However, we anticipate receiving an update as the game’s release date approaches later this month.

Buying Options For Final Fantasy 16? 

Final Fantasy 16 Pre-Order: Where & What Edition To Buy

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of Final Fantasy 16 offers the complete base game, and if you opt for the digital version, you can preload the content. Additionally, regardless of the format chosen, the Standard Edition includes two digital preorder bonuses. Physical preorder bonuses are available at select retailers. The Standard Edition of Final Fantasy 16 for PS5 is priced at $70 for both physical and digital copies. It includes the standard preorder bonuses that every preordering customer is entitled to: The Braveheart (Weapon) DLC and The Cait Sith Charm (Gil Boost Accessory) DLC. 

Deluxe Edition 

The Physical Deluxe Edition of Final Fantasy 16 includes all the digital preorder bonuses available in the standard edition. Additionally, it features a Special Clive Rosfield SteelBook® Case and a Cloth Map of Valisthea. However, unlike the Digital Deluxe edition, it does not include digital preorder bonuses such as the digital mini artbook and the digital soundtrack.

Collectors Edition 

Final Fantasy 16 Pre-Order: Where & What Edition To Buy

The Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy 16 stands as the definitive version of the game, providing an all-encompassing package. It features a stunning Phoenix vs Ifrit statue, showcasing two prominent Eikons central to the game’s narrative, alongside an exclusive bonus weapon DLC known as the Blood Sword. With a price tag of $350, the Collector’s Edition may give even the most dedicated Final Fantasy fans pause due to its high cost. 

Notably, this edition is exclusively available on the Square Enix website, specifically targeting collectors who are willing to make a substantial investment in their Final Fantasy experience. Square Enix aims to cater to fans with deep pockets by positioning this edition at the upper echelon of collector’s editions in terms of price and exclusivity. Square provided the following details about the CE’s contents (including dimensions):

Premium Statue – Phoenix vs Ifrit

  • A premium statue depicting a battle between two eikons – Phoenix and Ifrit.
  • Approx. size: W230mm x D150mm x H270mm
  • Material: PVC, ABS

Metal Eikon Pin Collection

  • A premium metal pin collection featuring eight eikons.
  • Approx. size: W33mm x D5mm x H35mm (Ifrit)
  • Material: Zinc Alloy, Brass

Special Clive Rosfield SteelBook® Case

  • A SteelBook® case featuring the artwork of Clive Rosfield, the protagonist. Use the case to store the disc-based media of your choice.
  • Material: Tin, Polypropylene

Cloth World Map of Valisthea

  • A cloth map of Valisthea where the story unfolds.
  • Approx. size: W615mm x D350mm, Thickness 0.3mm
  • Material: 100% Cotton

The Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy 16 surpasses expectations with its incredibly comprehensive package, providing the ultimate way to immerse yourself in the game. It harmoniously combines the finest elements from both the digital and physical deluxe editions, granting access to the exclusive digital-only DLC alongside the entirety of the content found in the physical deluxe edition. 

Furthermore, this exceptional edition includes a metal Eikon pin collection and a premium statue that showcases the intense clash between Ifrit and Phoenix. Acquiring this Collector’s Edition requires an investment of $350, positioning it as a prominent contender for the coveted Game of the Year title in 2023, assuming it lives up to its lofty promises.

Are freebies Available With Final Fantasy 16? 

Final Fantasy 16 Pre-Order: Where & What Edition To Buy

When pre-ordering Final Fantasy 16, every copy includes two DLC packs: the Cait Sith Charm (also known as the Gil Boost Accessory) and the bonus Weapon: Braveheart. Furthermore, certain retailers, such as Best Buy and GameStop, offer their unique physical freebies as exclusive incentives for purchasing the game from their respective stores.

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