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Fans Go crazy As The Fast & Furious 9 Full Trailer Is Launched


Fans Go crazy As The Fast & Furious 9 Full Trailer Is Launched

Get ready, Justice is coming!

The movie, which is the 9th installment in the successful Franchise is scheduled for release on May 22nd.

On January 31st, the long-awaited trailer was officially released in Miami at The Road to F9 Concert with performers, including Rapper Cardi B, Ludacris, Wiz Khalifa, and Singer Ozuna and Charlie Puth.

The Trailer witnessed Vin Diesel’s character as Dominic Toretto facing against brother, Jakob, acted by John Cena, with epic chases and fights across London.

Also spotted was Helen Mirren and Charlize Theron. The first scene of the trailer features Dominic saying his well-known line: ‘I used to live my life a quarter-mile at a time, but then things have changed. I am now a father.’

Dominic was seen working at a farm with Letty Ortiz, his wife, played by Michelle. He was telling his son Brian, who was named after Paul’s character Brian O’Connor that he will always be his heart as he tucked him in.

After which Letty gave Brain a necklace and said: ‘Little Brian, I have a surprise gift for you. Your dad gave me this and now I am going to give it you.’ Putting the chain around Brian’s neck, Letty continued:  ‘It’s very unique. It’s for your own protection… from what’s coming.’

Dominic was then seen going into a high tech garage with Tej Parker, who asked: ‘Alright Dom, what’s next?

Cars drove across a steep road through a mountainside. Responding, Dom said looking at John Cena’s character: ‘No one outruns their past with a big action scene playing out, complete with car crashes and a motorcyclist was thrown off its bike. Mine just caught up to me.’

‘It’s been a long time Dom’ Jakob said before guns were drawn out.

Explaining who John’s Character is, Tyrese who played Roman Pearce said:  ‘A master thief, a high-performance driver, and an assassin. Who is he?

However, the trailer ended with the phrase: ‘Justice is coming.

Watch The Trailer Here:

And interestingly, Han Lue, who is played by Sung Kang will be returning after he was obviously killed in Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift.  

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