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F1 Engineers Make A New Breathing Aid Just In 4 Days


F1 Engineers Make A New Breathing Aid Just In 4 Days

The new device is non-invasive & intended to free up ventilators!

Mercedes, the Formula One Engine Manufacturer has teamed up with university engineers and clinicians in London to build a breathing aid for COVID-19 patients.

Scheduled for mass production, the development is aimed at reducing the urgent need for ventilators.

The CPAP device (The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), which was re-designed from an already existing machine within 4 days has been recommended for usage by the United Kingdom Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

‘Given the emergency need, we’re grateful that we are able to reduce a process that could’ve taken years down to just a matter of days. We worked tirelessly for hours, disassembling and analyzing off-patent equipment.’

‘With the aid of computer simulations, we enhanced the equipment further to establish a state-of-the-art version suited to mass production.’

‘We are privileged to be able to call on the ability of Formula 1, a partnership that made it very possible by the close links between HPP and UCL Mechanical Engineering.’ Professor Tim Baker of UCL’s Mechanical Engineering explained.

Nevertheless, the CPAP devices are been used in hospitals but are in limited supplies. China and Italy, in particular, are using the device to help COVID-19 patients. 40 of the devices have equally been delivered to ULCH and to about three other hospitals in London.

If trails, however, goes up well, over 1000 of the CPAP devices can be produced daily, beginning from a week’s time.

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