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Experienced Cosmetologist Shares Amazing Beauty Tips That Will Save You Time And Money


Experienced Cosmetologist Shares Amazing Beauty Tips That Will Save You Time And Money

You don’t have to rely on expensive beauty procedures.

Doctors often overemphasize the benefits of some cosmetic procedures that we often don’t hear about the side-effects. Some of us are struggling with diet and don’t know what to do with our severe cravings for chocolates and sweets. Others rely so much on cosmetics that they begin to develop acne and sensitivity.

Cosmetologist Evgeniya Dragunskaya is willing to share 12 beauty tips based on her 25 years of experience in the field. She has also authored the book ‘An Honest Talk With the Cosmetologist’ and owns a blog.

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Skin problems can come from a lack of nutrition.

  • Zinc, selenium, Vit. E and D could affect your skin’s dryness. It could also be a lack of thyroid hormones known as hypothyroidism.
  • A low level of cholesterol or triglycerides or high level of ferritin could also be the reason for your premature aging.
  • Facial redness: Oral dermatitis can be caused by sugar and gluten. Acne rosacea is from your small intestine and pancreas’ reaction from dairy consumption. Seborrhea is typically caused by a lack of water and too many carbohydrates in the body.
  • Rashes on the forehead can also be caused by sugar.
  • Acne and rashes around cheeks and the chin can be signs of your bile secretion having issues, usually due to dairy products.

What do cravings mean?

  • Craving for chocolate is craving for magnesium.
  • Salty or spicy things usually mean you’re lacking in serotonin or experiencing low blood pressure.
  • Meanwhile, perversions such as wanting limes can mean your lack of iron and zinc.
  • Sausage or cheese dependency is usually an emotional anchor that requires a psychologist’s help.

Is it swelling under your eyes?

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Do the following to get rid of them:

  • Vagotonic eye cream made of horse chestnut extract, red vine leaves, clover, hazel, or caffeine 3 hours before you sleep or in the morning in thick layers.
  • Don’t consume protein or salty products in the evening. Don’t eat 4 hours before sleep.
  • Consult with a plastic surgeon to remove fat surgically.

Cucumbers and potatoes don’t help and simply dry the skin. But instead, you need to remove these things:

  • Condylomas: virus formations on the mucosa.
  • Warts: a virus with the appearance of rough surface on palms and soles of the feet.
  • Xanthomas: cholesterol on the skin with the appearance of yellow rough patches or nodules. Usually on the eyelids.
  • Keratomas; senile spots that can become malignant if kept being traumatized.
  • Red spots: could be papillomaviruses that haven’t pigmented yet.
  • Papillomas: virus formation on the body. It could also be caused by stress or pregnancy. These are not moles that do not need to be injured and they don’t rise above skin.

What about premature aging?

This could be caused by the decreasing level of ferritin protein which experts refer to as a youth hormone. It stores iron in the body and should it drop below 50 mcg/liters, observation see issues such as headaches, tiredness, and loss of hair begin to happen.

This can be caused by gastritis, dairy products that prevent iron absorption and in women, menstrual periods. But high ferritin levels also cause active aging and people should avoid uncontrolled intake of iron supplements.

Reasons that cellulite form and how to fight them.

Cellulite often takes years for a swollen condition to be visible in the adipose tissue. It can be caused by thoracic shallow breathing which means an incorrect breathing method with the abdomen. Fast carbohydrates and dairy products can also cause water retention in the body.

Dehydration forms intercellular edema that makes cellulite becomes visible. A sedentary lifestyle is also a cause for cellulite formation. Walk 45 minutes, at least 3 times a day and no less than 30 minutes at a time.

Other methods that can be used to temporarily prevent it is Dermotonia, ozone procedures, cavitation, wrapping, press-therapy (compressed air massage), myostimulation (electrical current to stimulate muscles) and massage. Diuretic drugs will worsen situations.

Is micro-needling worth it?


This procedure has thin needles installed on a roller and ran across the face. It’s said that the procedure reduces wrinkles, but what really happens when you do this?

Injuring these areas actually causes inflammation that stimulates collagen production. Collagen improves smoothness on the face ad sometimes, people add medicine to the needles, known as mesotherapy.

Because this is so simple, this procedure can also be done at home and can at least improve micro-circulation as well as improve the effectiveness of cosmetic medicine that is applied to the skin. Remember to wash the face after rolling and disinfect the roller after every use with chlorhexidine.

Plasmolifting: what you should know.


This procedure injects plasma to the blood and improves skin elasticity, color while decreasing pigmentation spots and reduces wrinkles. Heparin is also added for anti-inflammatory effects while improving micro-circulation.

Make sure to take vitamins and reduce sugar, alcohol, gluten and dairy products consumption.

How often should you get a face cleansing at the beauty salon?


Most procedures are considered unnecessary within the absence of a disease that affects your skin conditions directly. Unless medical procedures are necessary to remove severe acne problems, cosmetologist Evgeniya suggests people do an acid peel or exfoliation once a month.

Dark spots can be removed with a clay mask and peel cleaning helps remove skin unevenness. Do not use or let anyone use, ultrasound cleansing to squeeze your acne because it can cause burns.

Relieve some stress.


People go to the spa to get some relaxation time and that in itself is a way to improve your skin. People can try oiling at home, instead, of choosing any type of your favorite oil and relax about half an hour before getting into the shower.

Vitamin A from the oil helps the liver processes stress and convinces the body to relax. But this has no effect if you try consuming vitamin A instead.

Have you tried turpentine baths?

Turpentine baths is a small bottle of emulsion that can be found in pharmacies. White is for low blood pressure and yellow for high blood pressure. You can add 20 ml of the emulsion into your bathtub after it reaches about 100 °F.

Relax in the tub and wait until you start sweating, which can take 15 minutes. If you don’t sweat, try adding more the next day. After you feel a burning sensation around the joints of your arms, legs, and surface of your thighs, don’t rinse and wrap yourself in gown after getting out.

You can sleep directly like this, but you can also take a shower an hour later and change into dry clothes.

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