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Ex-officer Kim Potter Found Guilty Of Manslaughter In Daunte Wright’s Death


Ex-officer Kim Potter Found Guilty Of Manslaughter In Daunte Wright’s Death

She won’t be home this Christmas.

Former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter has been found guilty eight months after she claimed to have accidentally shot Daunte Wright, 20, during a traffic stop that got chaotic.

Judge Regina Chu deliberated over her first and second-degree manslaughter for days before finally settling on the verdict.

The 49-year-old kept a straight face while listening to the verdict, occasionally looking down. She will be facing a seven-year sentence, the max following the state’s guidelines, while prosecutors seek a longer-term for the veteran with over 26-year of experience.

While her lawyers asked for a $100k bail, the judge declared no bail and for Potter to be taken into custody immediately.

Potter claimed that she didn’t remember what happened after she accidentally shot the man.

The incident happened at Brooklyn Centre during a traffic stop on April 11. Potter was with Anthony Luckey, an officer in training when they pulled Wright over for his expired license plate. She found out that he also has an outstanding warrant for a weapons possession charge.

Potter was convinced she pulled out her taser when she saw Sergeant Mychal Johnson’s face change while conversing with the driver. As Wright resisted the arrest, Potter shouted ‘taser,’ but she was pointing the muzzle of her gun at the man and pulled the trigger.

The jurors declared Kim Potter guilty. Watch the clip below as Potter listened to the verdict being read out.

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