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Eliza Fletcher: What we know about the kidnapping of Memphis heiress as body found


Eliza Fletcher: What we know about the kidnapping of Memphis heiress as body found

Eliza fletcher: surveillance video

Police said that Eliza Fletcher was out on her regular morning run at around 4.20 am on Friday when the kidnapping unfurled.

eliza fletcher jogging 1
Eliza Fletcher running shorts/Memphis Police Department

Surveillance footage captured the mother-of-two running near the College of Memphis grounds when a dark SUV drove past her. The SUV pulled up, and a man was seen getting out before he “ran forcefully” close to the jogger

A vicious battle broke out, and the man constrained Ms. Fletcher into the traveler’s side of the vehicle. The vehicle then stayed on the scene with the two inside for something like four minutes prior to driving off, the recording shows.

Surveillance footage captured the same SUV following the region where Ms. Fletcher was taken just 24 minutes before the grabbing

Ms. Fletcher’s family reported her absence when she didn’t get back from her run. her cell phone and water bottle were found at the site of her kidnapping.

Who is suspect Cleotha Abston?

Abston, 38, is presently having to deal with charges of first-degree murder and first-degree murder in the execution of capturing

eliza fletcher kidnapper 1
Cleotha Abston Shelby County Sheriff’s Office/AP

He was captured by US Marshals on Saturday, 3 September, after his DNA was tracked down on a couple of shoes close to where Fletcher was most recently seen.

Abston was recently condemned to 24 years in prison for another abduct. He was only 16 when he kidnapped a Memphis legal counselor, Kemper Durand, in 2000.

Abston purportedly constrained Mr. Durand into the trunk of his own vehicle at gunpoint. Following a few hours, Abston took Mr. Durand out and constrained him to head to a service station to pull out cash from an ATM.

Abston did not serve his full sentence and was released after 20 years in 2020.

eliza fletcher with her kids 1
eliza fletcher with her kids/photo-social media

As per the testimony, Abston was spotted cleaning within his vehicle and washing his garments in the sink in the repercussions of the snatching.

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