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Eliza Fletcher’s Body Found In Abandoned Memphis House


Eliza Fletcher’s Body Found In Abandoned Memphis House

The remains were located near the home of kidnapping suspect Abston’s brother, Mario.

Cops found the body of Eliza Fletcher, a billionaire heiress, in the long grass behind an abandoned house in Memphis and her Lululemon shorts in a trash bag half a mile away. It was discovered, thanks to spotting vehicle tracks, smelling of an odor of decay and a bloodstain had allegedly remained at the bottom of the stairs next to the patch of dirt where her body was found with flies swarming.

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via St. Mary Episcopal School

As of now, it’s unknown what caused Eliza Fletcher’s death, but what has been confirmed is the identity of her body.

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via Chris Bott/DailyMail
Fletcher Body Found 1
via Chris Bott/DailyMail

The mom-of-two described as an Ultra-runner had vanished while out for a jog around 4:30 a.m. Her missing sparked a four-day hunt, leading officers to several wooded areas across Memphis. Cleotha Abston, accused of abducting the 34-Year-Old, drove her in his GMC Terrain for an hour and a half before the vehicle was seen turning into the road where her body was discovered. 

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via Chris Bott/DailyMail

The area where the body is found is just a hundred yards from the Longview Gardens apartment complex, where Abston’s brother – Mario, resides. 

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via Chris Bott/DailyMail

Authorities are set to charge 38-Year-Old Abston with first-degree murder and first-degree murder in the perpetration of kidnapping after abducting Fletcher. He had previously been accused of kidnapping and tampering with evidence in relation to her disappearance, as well as other unrelated charges. According to DailyMail, Fletcher’s family attended the brief appearance, which has been adjourned until another hearing on September 7. 

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via Chris Bott/DailyMail
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via WREG3

Abston showed up in court wearing a mask and green-issued prison uniform while looking at the victim’s family. 

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via Chris Bott/DailyMail
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via Chris Bott/DailyMail

He told the court in an affidavit he was unable to afford a lawyer or make a bond. It’s reported that Abston didn’t speak during the short 15-minute hearing and was eventually led away by officers with his hands cuffed behind his back. So far, devastated neighbors have been leaving tributes to the mom-of-two, including a pink stuffed animal and heart-shaped balloons on the front step. 

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via Chris Bott/DailyMail
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via Chris Bott/DailyMail

Fletcher’s kidnapping comes 22 years after Memphis attorney Kemper Durand was kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of his car by Abston, then 16, and an accomplice. 

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