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Eleven Medical Staffers At One Hospital Are Pregnant At The Same Time


Eleven Medical Staffers At One Hospital Are Pregnant At The Same Time

Safe deliveries.

Ten nurses and one doctor working in Liberty Hospital in Liberty, Missouri, are all set to give birth this year. The soonest deliveries are expected in the next couple of weeks, and the latest one is expected around Thanksgiving. Therese Byrum, 27, Obstetric float nurse, is due in late November, while labor and delivery nurse Katie Bestgen is due July 20th.

Most of them work in obstetrics and labor and delivery.

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“They always do things in a group, but we’ve never had ten at the same time. So it’s been fun,” Birthing Center Director Nicki Kolling told Fox4 KC. Equally, Hannah Miller, 29, a postpartum nurse expecting her first child, told Good Morning America“There’s a lot of nurses saying they won’t drink the water. One of the nurses actually brought her own water bottle the other night, and I was joking with her. I was like, ‘Oh, you’re really not drinking the water.”

Cheyenne Beauty and Christen Burns, aged 26, are labor and delivery nurses, pregnant with their first children. 

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Dr. Anna Gorman, an OBYN [expecting her second child], expressed how she felt, saying: “I think it’s unique because it’s all in the same unit and especially like our population ratio, I think is quite high. So sure it happens, but it’s pretty exciting when it’s this big.” With the woman expecting all at once, some have found it helpful to have colleagues to rely on for tips, advice, and commiserating. Burns stated: “It’s helped so much with my pregnancy and helped me feel so much more comfortable.”

Alex Acheson, 29, a labor and delivery nurse, told GMA it’s a great experience, and she feels they’ll probably bond, having babies due around the same time.

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Acheson is expecting her third child on May 27, the same day as fellow labor and delivery nurse Alison Harrell. She added: “It’s been great to have each other for support and go through pregnancy together.” Liz Bishop told KMBC that they’ve all joked that some of the nurses that aren’t expecting should open a daycare. However, a few hospitals have experienced nurse baby booms similar to this one. 

Back in 2018, eight Illinois women who all worked in the same obstetrician department at Anderson Hospital’s Pavilion for women were all pregnant at the same time. 

via Anderson Hospital
via Anderson Hospital

In 2019, eight nurses working in the labor and delivery unit at Maine Medical Center were also all expecting at the same time, with due dates from April until July.

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Meanwhile, seven educators in Kansas elementary school had all gotten pregnant at the same time in 2019. 

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