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Egypt Arrests 13 Teenage Boys For Harassing Female Tourists At Giza Pyramids


Egypt Arrests 13 Teenage Boys For Harassing Female Tourists At Giza Pyramids

The teens were constantly harassing the women “verbally and physically.”

Yet another sexual harassment case from Egpyt made its way to international headlines as 13 teenage boys had recently been arrested after they were filmed harassing two tourists near the Giza Pyramids.

While there were more than 13 boys seen in the video, some of them were filmed clearly pestering and standing close to the women.

The boys are currently under custody with the public prosecutor conducting an investigation on the case. The video was captured by a man who seems to be the tourist guide in the area, speaking in Egpytian about how the boys have been harassing the women “verbally and physically.”

The women tried to get away from the boys, clearly uncomfortable with the jeerings and catcalling. Some were seen snapping up selfies with the women without consent.


The boys have been revealed to be aged around 13-15 with no adults seen around supervising the groups near the historical site.

Should the boys be charged, they will stand in a juvenile court defending their actions that had been filmed and shared around the world. Unfortunately, these boys weren’t the only ones as, over the years, thousands of women have spoken up about the unfair treatment women receive in the Muslim-oriented country.

Cases of sexual harassment in Egypt were brought to light in 2011 when rampant and blatant attacks toward women happened as the masses fell into anarchy to bring down President Hosni Mubarak from his throne.

Since then, the country had made some efforts, such as punishing perpetrators for up to five years of prison time. But blatant harassment such as seen in the viral video and aggressive touts from local bargainers around tourist sites continue to plague the country, creating a sense of insecurity for many who vow to never visit the country again.

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