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Eco-Friendly Dome Homes Built From AirCrete Are So Affordable That You Can DIY One For Less Than $9k


Eco-Friendly Dome Homes Built From AirCrete Are So Affordable That You Can DIY One For Less Than $9k

It’s time to bring more eco-friendly homes into reality!

The world is trending with news regarding climate change, pollution, health threats, and sustainable recycling being the main global concerns of this present age.

Humans, presently reside in a society where Zero Waste Life and Ecofriendly Phrases are just commonly used in everyone’s dictionaries. Hence, it’s only natural to stick with phrasing when thinking about future homes.

Turned out, the hunt for alternative building materials and housing solutions is gradually on the rise as there are available options even for DIYers.

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Construction has a major trend! Beginning with foam create, the world later caught up with Papercrete. The Hempcrete slid in and even became a bigger hit and now it appeared like finally, it’s the right to shine for Aircrete.

Aircrete – a mixture of air bubbles and cement is cost-effective to make but is fireproof, waterproof and DIY friendly. The main tool needed in making Aircrete is in the foaming agent, which suspends tiny air bubbles in cement mixture, including continuous foam generator which disperses a mix of the foaming agent into a cement mixture.

Just like regular concrete, Aircrete has impressive strength and can also be an insulator. It’s cost-effective and perhaps the most attractive thing for DIYers as it can help save up a lot in construction and maintenance.

One quality that draws the most attention to Aircrete is its ecological factor, bringing about the special appeal to those concerned about ecology since it garnered international recognition as an ecological building material, mainly because of its resource efficiency.

Keen Traveler & Photographer, Steven Areen was, however, able to build his dome home for as little as $9,000. ‘I had a wonderful visit with a friend Hajjar Gibran in 2011. He has inspired me for years with his brilliant ideas and this time around, he built domes at his retreat center in Northeast Thailand.’

‘He and his wife offered me a place on their mango farm to build my own dome and with Hajjar’s guidelines and design concept, I had my dome home up and decorated in just six weeks.’ Areen explained.

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