‘Drink And Drugs Ruled My Life But I Turned It Around To Become A Sexy Model’

'Drink And Drugs Ruled My Life But I Turned It Around To Become A Sexy Model'

The 56-year-old suffered from drug and alcohol addiction, including an eating disorder. But Rae Richmond turned the situation around, and now she’s thriving as a sexy model while wowing her followers with sizzling s*x tapes. During her teen years, she indulged in drinking to fill the boredom and continued to drink in her twenties to mask the pain of an unhappy marriage and divorce, including a second marriage to an alcoholic.

When the battles with Rae Richmond’s second marriage heightened, the sexy model knew she’d had enough and at the time decided to quit drinking, a decision she holds no regrets about.


Rae, who hails from Virginia, US recently opened up about her path to recovery, explaining that her children were old enough to see the battles within her second marriage and it wasn’t pretty. “For more years than I would like to admit, alcohol – and to a certain extent, drugs – controlled my life. I started drinking when I was 16 and began to show signs of having a problem at 23 – around the same time that I developed anorexia, which then morphed into a full-blown 17-year battle with bulimia.”

Due to being overweight from heavy drinking and poor lifestyle habits, the sexy model also decided it was time to overhaul her life.


“I liked cocaine way too much, but thankfully drugs were only part of my story for a couple of years before I moved eight hours from my hometown to get away from the people, places, and things that were contributing to my addictions,” she said. “Unfortunately, alcohol moved with me, and over the years, my partying and drinking increased. I was able to hold down good jobs, and on the surface, I looked fairly healthy and productive, but inside I was a mess, suffering from anxiety and depression, which unbeknownst to me were exacerbated by alcohol.”


In 2022, the now-sexy model found solace in a 12-step recovery program, embracing support from the community and committing to sobriety. She specifically began on August 12 and she hasn’t looked back since.


She admitted, “The thought of how alcohol negatively affected me was always on my mind, but getting sober seemed like something that I absolutely could not accomplish.” Rae Richmond, who grew up in a small southern town but is not thriving as a sexy model and content creator, added, “I am happy to say that I haven’t taken a drink, and to pick up a drink again would put me right back on the path to certain death. I’m sharing my story now because I desperately needed to hear it from someone for so many years.”


 The sexy model concluded If this sounds like you, there is a better way of life. I could have jumped off that hamster wheel anytime I wanted to, but I had to make that first step.” Rae’s confession comes as she told DailyStar she’s currently doing a 9-5 job alongside her OnlyFans career. “I was and still am in the corporate world. My employer has not approached me about it yet, but it’s inevitable now that I’m becoming more well-known. I plan to leave to become a full-time content creator as soon as it has skyrocketed.”

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