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Drake Slammed For His ‘Corny’ Necklace Made Up Of 42 Diamonds For All The Times He Thought About Proposing


Drake Slammed For His ‘Corny’ Necklace Made Up Of 42 Diamonds For All The Times He Thought About Proposing

Drake’s attitude has always been “go big or go home,” but his latest move is saying otherwise.

The “Hotline Bling” rapper is not one to hold back when it comes to romantic gestures but Drake’s latest move has his fans a little divided. His newest fashion accessory, a necklace has sparked an outrage online as it showcases engagement rings, which he thought about giving women he dated, but now, they’re all HIS. 

The glittering piece, named “Previous Engagements,” comprises 42 diamonds, totaling 351.38 carats. 

Drake Custom Necklace Sparks Outrage 1

Designer Alex Moss is the brain behind the luxury jewelry, also described as a monumental art piece,’ and he has since posted a clip of it on Instagram. He told TMZ that the necklace took 15 months to complete with every diamond hand selected and inspected to only suit perfection. 

Drake Custom Necklace Sparks Outrage 7
Prince Williams / WireImage

Designer Moss didn’t disclose the price, although fans have speculated it could be worth upwards of $4milllion. 

Drake is yet to post about the necklace, though it is alleged he wore it in public last weekend at a concert in Atlanta. 

Drake Custom Necklace Sparks Outrage 3
Prince Williams / WireImage

So far, the meaning of the necklace has sparked a conversation about his indestructible reputation and people are questioning his acts of professing undying love to Rihanna on stage at the VMAs in 2016 and gifting Jennifer Lopez a $100K necklace, due to the fact he has never shielded always from embracing his love life. 

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Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

Hundreds of Twitter users have called the necklace move a strange gesture. 

“Another day proving how much of a weirdo he is,” someone wrote.  Another user said: “Imagine making a necklace for every major L you’ve ever had? Drake has such a big loser energy, so embarrassing dude,” responding to a video, echoed by other fans calling him corny. A third quipped the necklace concept sounds like a joke that someone would make up about Drake, writing he’s become a full self-parody.

A user pointed out that the most disturbing thing about the necklace was its name. 

Drake Custom Necklace Sparks Outrage 2
Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

Another discussion was hinged on the times he’d thought about proposing, with fans pointing out that at 36, it’s quite an achievement to have considered marriage up to 40 times. 

Drake Custom Necklace Sparks Outrage 9
Mark Blinch / Getty Images

The comment went on, as someone further wrote: “Wanting to propose 42 times is wild.” Another expressed shock that he’d even kept count. A third user echoed: “42 times??? In 36 years??? Maybe love not for everyone.” A few ultimately cringed at the way it reinforced Drake’s indestructible reputation

Drake Custom Necklace Sparks Outrage 4
Amy Sussman / Getty Images

A fan wrote that his act about struggling to find love is getting annoying

And while the price of the necklace is still unknown, others stated there could be better and more affordable ways for Drake to process his lost loves. 

Drake Custom Necklace Sparks Outrage 5
Kevin Mazur / WireImage

Another said: “Men will spend untold amount of money while the majority of ppl are in poverty for the layers of disfunction and inner turmoil this is instead of therapy.” 

However, apart from Rihanna and Lopez, Drake has also been linked to Rashida Jones, Tyra Banks, Julia Fox, and SZA among others. 

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