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Drake, Joe Budden: Rapper Disses ‘Ex-Musician in New Album


Drake, Joe Budden: Rapper Disses ‘Ex-Musician in New Album

Joe Budden previously offered mixed thoughts on ‘For All the Dogs.’

So, it seems like Drake has thrown some not-so-subtle shade at Joe Budden on his latest release, ‘For All the Dogs: Scary Hours Edition.’ In “Stories About My Brother,” Drizzy’s lyrics appear to take a direct hit at the ex-musician, Joe Budden. The internet went wild as fans quickly picked up on the potential diss, and Budden’s name started trending on social media platforms, particularly Twitter.

Thanks to the Drizzy vs. Joe Budden trend, the ex-musician has become the center of attention, and he has equally reacted with a string of crying emojis.

Drake, Joe Budden: Rapper Disses ‘Ex-Musician in New Album

Indeed, Drake surprised everyone with a deluxe version of ‘For All the Dogs,’ featuring six new tracks, including a fresh collaboration with J. Cole. This reportedly extended the runtime to a whopping hour and 48 minutes. Notably, the tension between Drake and Budden intensified after the latter shared his thoughts on the album during his podcast. While Budden praised some tracks, he also voiced his opinion that Drake could have brought more intensity to the J. Cole collaboration. This seemed to irk Drake, who didn’t take kindly to the criticism.

Drake, Joe Budden: Rapper Disses ‘Ex-Musician in New Album

Things escalated when Drake took to social media to call out Budden, suggesting that he had failed in his music career and resorted to criticizing successful artists for a living. The exchange became even more personal, with Drake labeling Budden as the “poster child of frustration” and dismissing his relevance in the music industry. The feud didn’t stop there; Drake even sent direct messages to Budden on Instagram, culminating in a 55-second voice note. Budden, in response, expressed his frustration and accused Drake of attempting to rewrite history for a new generation of fans.


What triggered the apparent feud between Drake and Joe Budden?

Drake’s lyrics in “Stories About My Brother” on his album ‘For All the Dogs: Scary Hours Edition’ seemed to directly target Joe Budden.

How did Joe Budden react to the potential diss from Drake?

Budden responded with crying emojis, adding to the speculation and excitement surrounding the rumored feud.

What additional tracks were included in the deluxe version of ‘For All the Dogs’?

The deluxe edition of the album featured six new tracks, including a collaboration with J. Cole, extending the runtime to an hour and 48 minutes.

How did the tension escalate between Drake and Joe Budden?

After sharing his thoughts on the album during his podcast, Budden’s comments seemed to irk Drake, leading to a public exchange and direct messages on social media, intensifying the feud.

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