Dad Sparks Outrage With Very Flirty Video Of Him Dancing With His Kid’s Nanny

Dad Sparks Outrage With Very Flirty Video Of Him Dancing With His Kid’s Nanny

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A dad-of-two has been slammed for acting inappropriately with his 23-Year-Old nanny named Lizzy Norton. The New Jersey-based looks after the two children of Andrew and his wife, Rachel. Taking to TikTok, Rachel uploaded the clip of her husband doing the epic Dirty Dancing dance with Lizzy, and so far, it has garnered over 8million views.

People are left outraged by a TikTok clip of Lizzie (a nanny) dancing with the father of the two kids she’s babysitting.

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Nonetheless, it went viral for all the wrong reasons. In the clip, Andrew could be seen lifting Lizzie by the twist and twirls her around, touching her b**bs in the process. Laughing out loud, they swapped places, and Lizzie was seen attempting to lift Andrew.

In the clip shared by Rachel, Lizzie was seen attempting to lift Andrew in a Dirty Dancing style lift.

raypo3 via TikTok

The nanny-dad content no one asked for. @lizziinorton @f4ttyd4ddy ##SummerMashup ##fypシ ##thenanny

original sound – Rachel

“You touched her b**bs! Rachel said in the background while Andrew laughed and responded: “I know, I know.” 34-Year-Old Rachel has since defended the act, saying Lizzie is like family. “This is what happens…When dad comes home before the nanny leaves.” Rachel overlaid text read.

“You touched her b**bs! Rachel pictured right with Lizzie (left) said in the background.

raypo3 via TikTok

In another scene, Andrew and Lizzie wrapped their arms around each other before a twirl.

raypo3 via TikTok

So far, people were left uncomfortable with the clip. One person wrote: “The fact that they were both insanely comfortable doing this is unsettling.” Another hilariously said: “My wife divorced me solely for watching this video.” Some nannies in the comments revealed they would never act in such a way around their male employer.

Many TikTokers, without hesitation, claimed the dancing was ‘inappropriate.’

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“I have been a nanny for 15years, and never in my life has anything like this happened.” One nanny wrote. Addressing the feedback, Rachel explained how they met Lizzie, revealing she worked in the daycare where their oldest son went. She noted: “She was always the nicest, the sweetest. She would send pictures all day, and we would talk all day.” 

Nannies in the comments revealed they would never act in such a way around their male employer. 

raypo3 via TikTok

“She wasn’t like the other people that worked there, and I wasn’t like the other mums. We were, like, friends.” Amid the pandemic, the couple hired Lizzie to assist with the kids. Rachel goes to work while Andrew works from home. Lizzie watches the children downstairs, and Andrew works upstairs; hence it’s said that there wasn’t time to sneak. 

The couple had hired Lizzie to help with the kids during the pandemic. While Rachel went to work and Andrew worked from home.

“On the rare occasion she does see him, they’re so happy to see each other because she’s like our little sister. We love her to death. She’s goofy and weird, and we can joke around and mess with her and vice versa.” Rachel said, adding that Andrew has returned to the office. The mom-of-two claimed Lizzie is a godsend to her family.  “I’m not being groomed; everybody can calm down.” Lizzie equally reiterated.  

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