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Dad Makes A ‘Ultimate Diaper Changing Station’ Using A Tool Cart For His Twins


Dad Makes A ‘Ultimate Diaper Changing Station’ Using A Tool Cart For His Twins

This is honestly a Win-Win!

Henceforth, abandon all to the handy dad who knows how to figure out things when it comes to baby essentials.

Of course, a hardware store hasn’t signed up new parents, but it’s the best place every brilliant parent will go to get DIY essentials in order to build unique baby equipment.


A mother knows that one big task in preparing a baby is when changing diapers

Unsplash | The Honest Company

I’m not kidding when I say new parents think a lot about diapers.

That’s why many parents developed a diaper changing station in their home

Unsplash | The Honest Company

When dealing with a Category Five Poop Blowout, be sure all of your diapers and wipes will be in an organized place.

Anyways, a dad has decided to take it to the next level by creating his own DIY changing table created with some home depot supplies

Facebook | MotorCity Mechanic

The above picture is Yes, a home depot.

The dad, David Puke of the well-known Facebook Page MotorCity Mechanic understands what taking care of his twins truly implies.

Instead of using the mill change table from Buy Buy Baby, he has opted for a changing table out a Husky tool cart

Facebook | MotorCity Mechanic

‘Feast your glance on the Ultimate Diaper Changing Station for under $200,’ David said in a Facebook post.

To make the changing table very comfortable and applied, David added a few facilities

Facebook | MotorCity Mechanic

David explained: ‘I added a foam pipe insulation to the edges for protection and safety. I also added some metal baskets underneath for the essentials.’

The dad added a Led Light to the Ultimate Diaper Changing Station for late night changes

Facebook | MotorCity Mechanic

David is aware that diaper changes duty can most times calls at 2 am.

A side shelf holding extra diaper supplies was equally added

Facebook | MotorCity Mechanic

A wire basket to hold more diapers and wipes were also placed on the bottom shelf.

So when David shared his brilliant tool cart online, it garnered thousands of comments and shares

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