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Children With Down Syndrome Pose As Disney Characters For An Awareness Campaign


Children With Down Syndrome Pose As Disney Characters For An Awareness Campaign

The best down-syndrome photos ever seen!

Regardless of how you are born, always know you are beautiful and adorable in your own way. Being the major concept behind this British Photographer, Nicole Louise Perkins photo series, she’s sharing with the world amazing ‘Down with Disney’ campaign photos, celebrating children with Down Syndrome.

With the series of gorgeous photos uploaded, Perkins took photos of children dressed as characters from Disney movies, including The Lion King and The Little Mermaid.

More info: NicoleLouiseP.Wixsite/Baby-Photography | Facebook | Instagram

British Photographer, Nicole Louise Perkin took photos of Down Syndrome children dressed as Disney Characters

Nicole Louise

She aimed at raising awareness about Down Syndrome, as well as showing the world that beauty can be found anywhere and everywhere.

Perkins had loved photography ever since she was little and her journey of becoming a professional photographer was long-winding. It has assisted her in merging two different passions.

Giving a piece of advice to other photographers who might be shying away from their work publicly or doing projects that go outside the box, Perkin said: ‘I would always say go for it.’

Speaking to Bored Panda in an interview, Perkin added: ‘I have spent a very long time trying to be like everyone else, getting those newborn poses right, but then I realized it just what  I wanted to do. So, I stopped and did them the way I want.’

She added: ‘I have also always wanted to out my love for photography with my love for people with special needs and the day I did that was when I realized this is what I am best at. let the world see  your work, People will like it or they won’t.’

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