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Cedar Point Is Permanently Closing Down Top Thrill Dragster


Cedar Point Is Permanently Closing Down Top Thrill Dragster

After more than a year of speculation, the coaster is permanently closing down.

Top Thrill Dragster, in its current form, is closing permanently. The decision is expected mainly as the coaster has been shut down since August 15, 2021, after a woman standing in line was seriously injured from being struck by a flying part that came off one of the ride’s fast-moving trains.

Top Thrill Dragster had launched in 2003 as the tallest coaster in the world at 420 feet. 

Cedar Point Is Permanently Closing Down Top Thrill Dragster
Cedar Point Is Permanently Closing Down Top Thrill Dragster

It was also the first full circuit roller coaster to exceed 400 feet, records that stood until 2005. The ride launches parkgoers up a giant 90-degree hill before plummeting them down at a maximum speed of 120 miles per hour. In February, the Ohio Department of Agriculture found the park didn’t violate state laws or department rules in its ride operation. 

The report outlined a series of steps Top thrill dragster needed to take before reopening the attraction, but instead, the park opted to keep it closed for the entire 2022 season. 

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via Tran Mau Tri Tam/Unsplash [not the actual image]

After 19 seasons in operation with 18 million riders experiencing the world’s first strata coaster, Top Thrill Dragster, as you know it, is being retired. However, Cedar point’s legacy of ride innovation continues. Our team is hard at work, creating a new and reimagined ride experience,” Tony Clark, the amusement park’s director of communications at Cedar point, tweeted.

Clark added the park would release more information on what exactly will replace Top Thrill Dragster at a later date.

According to Cleveland, the park, centrally located midway between the Corkscrew and Magnum XL-200, has a history of breathing new life into retired rides. The Avalanche Run had become Disaster Transport, the Mean Streak became Steel Vengeance, and Mantis became Rougarou, with each unique experience utilizing much of the existing structure. 

However, Top thrill dragster announced plans to debut a new roller coaster, Wild Mouse, for the 2023 season in the park’s new Boardwalk area. 

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via Cedar Fair

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