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Caretaker Caught On Camera Belittling A 87-Year-Old Dementia Sufferer


Caretaker Caught On Camera Belittling A 87-Year-Old Dementia Sufferer

Where is the standard?

Michael Pearce, 87, was left alone for more than half an hour after he soiled himself by a heartless caretaker, Victoria Taylor. The 41-year-old rude woman belittled and berated the elderly when she came back to his room at Lyndhurst Park care home in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

The footage was secretly captured by Mr. Pearce’s nephew who was concerned with his welfare recently. He installed a hidden camera in his room and it exposed Victoria’s actual behavior on the job. It was recorded back in August last year.

Mr. Pearce was on a medication that can cause incontinence and was discovered by a nurse who promises she’ll return in two minutes. But it took 40 minutes for another carer to return and instead of helping him out, she was heard saying, “Oh my God. I think we need to take a photo.” and then laughed.

The man could be heard groaning and complained to be in pain. But she simply dismissed him and said, “Well I can imagine it is irritating being covered in s***.” She also threatened the poor man if he pukes that she’ll tell on him.

The shocking incident has made Mr. Pearce felt sad and when he was sitting upright on the bed after that incident, he said: “I wish I was dead.”

This happened at South West’s ‘most attentive nursing home’ during GHP Healthcare and Pharmaceutical last year. The staff was rated as ‘compassionate’, but nephew Ian Moss’ shocking footage revealed the exact opposite of it. While they cannot be prosecuted, their registration can be suspended.

“I honestly did not think it would show what it showed. You think everything’s OK, and it really isn’t,” said the nephew. “Michael is so sweet-natured and calm. It is very upsetting.”

Mr. Pearce’s care costs £3,500 a month and it’s partly covered by the North Somerset Council. The home is ran by couple Gordon and Margaret Butcher who lives in the centre of Bristol. They also own a property in Tampa, Florida and have announced their disappointment and regret at the footage.

Three staff members are suspended for investigation with the rude caretaker, Victoria, dismissed. Her ‘less proactive’ colleague was disciplined but reinstated with restrictions.

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